Why the change in where the bean cards are being sent to?

This is my 3 RD time with Ilgm. The1st 2 times my thank you cards went across the pond this time it’s says to send to the sun shine state. I’m a little paranoid I’ll admit it so I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen and what is the purpose. I have to be extra careful I’m sure y’all know what I mean. Must be the soldier still in me.

I had the same feeling, my first card went across the pond too, all was good. The second time was to the same SS state, I was leery and ask too but no replies. Here:

Hesitated but I went for it. a few weeks later I got a noticed it was received , but unfortunately I have not gotten my products of yet. My card was received June 11th, sent on May 30th.

First time around was great!

So basically we’ve had the same experience with them ive ive just got 1 extra on you. The longest iv3 ever had take was around 20 days last time was 15 but this new adress thing is kinda messing with me. If u don’t mind let me know when and if you get your beans, I’d sure appreciate it.