Why such crazy leaves/looking plants

Just trying to figure out if it’s something I’m doing wrong on a few plants or just genetics. I’ve have one sprout feb 11 and STILL hasn’t started flowering taking up a 4c4 side of my tent. I’ve had the huge 5-6’tall plants but have had 6 out of the same pack that did this pictured. Enviorment the same for all and some were in the same water together with the big ones.

8x4’ tent

12x14 room

RDWC system

5 gallon reservoir

1/10 hp water chiller




1175 gph air pump

950 gph air pump

2-750 gph air pump

2-2”x4” air stone in each bucket

2-12” oscillating fan

1-16” floor fan

2-6” fans

1-1200w king plus led

2-400w hipargero COBs

2-HLG Quantum 288 boards

1 mars hydro ts1000 led

6” 400 cfm exhaust fan and filter

General hydroponics maxi series


Mammoth P

Water spill sensor.

WiFi digital temp/rh probe

Ph level checked daily corrected back to 5.8

PPM 1072

Water temp 67.8

Air temp 78.9

RH 49.9

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These were all ILGM white widow autos

Here was the first run

That last pic is odd as if it’s re-vegging. But with auto I don’t see how that’s possible. Maybe showing the ruderalis in her genes?


Should I be getting this big of a difference in shape/size/time from plant to plant of the same batch?

Every seed is a different child (phenotype).

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All 3 of mine are diffrent started same day same everything

Temps are a bit high. Above 75F cleanliness is essential because microbe (good and bad really flourish at these temps) so keep the nute change outs on a 7 day schedule and if possible, clean buckets in between. I’ve seen my leaves get glassy and looking funny at temps above 76. Plants look good though!

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first pic shows a need for water and lower temps…however, the other pics look ok.

nice crop.

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Why would I have autos going well over 100 bays and still no flowering?

R u sure there autos

I think I agree with @Bobbydigital with re-veg. You may check you light timers and make sure they are not going off and back on or something like that, it is just a suggestion , not saying that is what it is but something to consider, I had a clone, put it in tent and did not realize I had the timer messed up on certain days, light went out for a couple hours and back on, and it started budding , but when I switched it back to 18/6 for 7 days a week it went back to veg but the leaves got singular like and

all funky like, here it is when it happened:

@Cyle1 as far as I know they are autos unless they put some photoperiods in with the autos when I bought all of them

@zparkie2 I was running 24/7 lighting and these plants were doing that from the beginning. 10 of the other seeds planted and pictured were all in the exact same light and everything

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