Why so much yellow?

I just transferred this little one about a week ago. The second set of leaves turned yellow and has continued to stay yellow for the last week yet the leaf growth has been normal. Im reusing this soil from last grow after replenishing it with compost the other 6 plants have had no symptoms like this at all. Anybody know whats going on?

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How far are ur lights from leaf tops?

There about 24" above but I don’t think its the lights because the other 6 plants are fine

Well just a random list that can be the root cause for yellow leaves.

Yea im at a loss. She looks a tad hungry but its too soon for that
Overwatering usually starts from the bottom…

Im guessing something is going on in her root zone… no idea what. But :man_shrugging:t5:

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@PurpNGold74 Thank you.

@MrPeat Thanks

You’re welcome…good luck trying to find what the cause is from there. This is where gadgets come in handy.

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N deficiency. Compost added to depleted soil. More soluble N needs to be added. OP should get runoff TDS and PH.


@Myfriendis410… That’s the problem with reusing soil. @Kimerson… All/most of the nutrients are gone. It does look like it’s in need of some N tho.

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I have this issue any time I reuse soil


Compost was used but it occurs to me that there may be no quickly accessible N for the plant.