Why so leafy? Not sure where I went wrong


So it’s three plants in this picture and they are all the same age. They are northern lights autoflower, and they are under 18on 6off schedule since germination. I don’t know where I went wrong on the one to the left. Picture isn’t great but as you can see by the few branches showing it just kept sprouting leaves. The one to the right and to the back are fattening and maturing weeks away from harvest.


@Dozzo why do you think something is wrong?


Looks like they are starting to finish. How far along are they


The other 2 are the exact same age. The one to the left has a bare minimum in budding and the other 2 are so mature and essentially just fattening near the end while that one is lacking any weight.
I think a nitrogen difficency…when I’ve given it nuts(which I do rarely) it would perk up a bit…just curious if anyone has been down this road and know exactly what I’ve done.


@Dozzo that one that looks really leafy seems to be shaded more than the others. What size lights you running and what kind? How far from the top of that leafy bud are they


@Dozzo We can play the guessing game, but lets do this the easy way for everyone.

Fill out this Support Ticket and be thorough with your answers and then we can probably break it down to a couple of issues.

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How often do you water and how do you determine when to do so?

PH of water and runoff or solution in reservoir:

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS:

Indoor or Outdoor:

Light system, size and height from plants:

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It’s tough to say.
You could have 2 of the exact same strains growing in the same conditions side by side with the same exact feeding schedule and wind up with 2 totally different looking plants. Could just be the one on then leat is more dominant of a certain gene causing it to look differently.


@Dozzo Those plants look badass to me😎


@Dozzo hey there you said that they are perking up some when you give her nudes it looks like from the picture that they are almost ready to finish so I would recommend maybe the next time you decide to give them a seed if you can I would add some good Bloom nutrient because your plans are looking for a lot of phosphorus and potassium at this stage of their life’s but please do full out all off the basics as suggested to you my friend but remember less is always more but be sure to just give enough :v:


[quote=“Johnzy81, post:9, topic:17395”] For using nutrients

That less is always more when it comes to feeding but be sure that there is always just enough


Thanks for all of the advice. I’m going to fill out the full diagnosis tonight. I’m thinking it was a nudes lacking( I’m very light with the nudes and till now that’s proved good). They are auto flowers which I think came into play. But either way thanks…gonna fill that diagnosis out tonight.