Why so inconsistent?

Same batch of seeds (WW auto), same soil, lighting, feeding, ventilation, planted on the same day. I don’t get it!




Every plant is different unless it’s a clone and even then epigenetics will play into it.


that’s not good

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Same thing with my WWAF I have one that out grew itself tiny buds very few leaves to keep it going expecting it not to make sorry no pick but genetics do play a part .

I know genetics are involved, like two children from the same parents. But about 1 of every 5 of my plants grow like the one on the right, a completely different shade of yellow/green, about twice the height as the others with only a few very small branches and producing only about an eighth of an ounce. Like a red-headed stepchild.

Variations, it’s what makes life interesting.

Hahaha complete opposites

I grew a wwa Charlie brown tree too