Why so droopy after transplant?

This happened after I transplanted it. It just drooped. All three were transplanted at the same time. The only thing I used was a little myco. They’re both GG seeds from Robert.


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Transplanting can be a shock to small sensitive plants. Give their roots a chance to re establish. They should perk up in a day or so.

I start in solo cups and don’t transplant until they’ve established roots. Usually 3-4 nodes of actual leaves. I have yet to lose a plant doing it this way.


What @Drinkslinger said, its best not to transplant any plant until it has a strong root system. One way to tell is if roots are showing out the bottom of the container. Another way is to recognize when rootbound plants are struggling. You will notice they require watering every day and eventually they will look sad and growth will slow, if left unchecked they will start to show deficiencies like spots and yellowing. More commonly they will look droopy no matter how much you water them. Its still best to let a plant fill out its container before transplanting.


How long do you usually leave them in cup. I am a newbie so is a node a group of leaves. How long does it take to get there?

Yes, a node is where a leaf(s) emerge from the stem.
As for how long, it depends. At least 2- 3 weeks after a seed Shows itself.

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I’ve been very proud of myself with my germination process, but for some reason these two Blue Dream Autos won’t show up. If you look closely you can see a crack. They were soaked in water for 12 hours, and then placed in the paper towels. The one that sprouted is a Bubba Kush fem, and it actually had the tip exposed after 12 hours in the water.

Should I leave them in the bag, or put them in the soil?




I posted some photos above, any idea what’s going on with those two after two days in germination.

Some seeds take longer than others. It looks like they’ve cracked open. I’m not a fan of the paper towel method, but since you’re already there I’d let them go longer. Check in 12 hours. Be sure the paper towel stays “warm”.

If they are Ilgm seeds and the don’t germinate, Ilgm will replace them.


Yeah, I’d give them more time.


I have a heated mat that has worked great, and different strains have typically sprouted at the same time.

Thanks again.

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Just give them more time, if they dont throw a tap root in the towel, good chance soil wont make a difference.
Some seed is very stubborn, Ive had some seed take 2 weeks to pop! As long as they dont go moldy, just be patient.

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I don’t know if you guys use fabric pots or not, how does one collect a good RO sample for testing? I feel like I have to drown them to collect enough RO, and the traditional method of mixing the sample won’t give me an honest reading. Does that make sense.?

You can do a grab sample by taking some material from a few inches down. Place it in a cup and soak it for a length of time. I have not done this so I wont give exact method. Im certain the method is commonly available either on this site or by searching the web. There is some different concepts on the needed length of time for the soak but…

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I soak my seeds for 48 hrs then in soil no matter if have a tail or not. I have had 100% success every time :grinning:. It takes a little time for them to pop, but they always do. Good luck with your grow.


Thanks Sean,
I ordered three Blue Dream seeds from Seedsman on 4/21 and they arrived 5/21. I put 2 of them, and 1 Bubba Kush freebie in the water right away. 12
to 16 hours later, the BK had a half inch tail and it’s in the ground with its first set of leaves, while the 2 Blue Dream seeds are still in the bag.

I decided to soak my last BD just in case because I need one auto-flower in the first two don’t sprout.

Next year I’m going auto-flower exclusively for my outdoor grow.

Thanks brother!