Why seeds in fem LSD

Ok my first grow with LSD everything went as planned. Then after drying ,went to twist one up and BAM ! ! ! seeds in many of the buds. The smoke was good but what’s with all the seeds ? ? ? And then I went to twist up a dubie with Skywalker OG that was right next to the LSD and found a few but not as many as the LSD. And aI haven’t found any in the Gold Leaf …YET ! ! ! All the refer is very good . I wonder if I grow the new free seeds if they are cross between Skywalker and LSD ?

Anyone know anything about this ?

It’s quite possible that they Hermèd on you towards the end, or threw some nanners early flower to mid and produced pollen and pollinated the flowers around.

to answer the second Q. It depends on wether the plant hermied and pollinated itself and or pollinated the plants nearest to it or all in your grow space and it could be a cross If it had two different parents.

The buds look beautiful though.

Sorry to hear that anyhow


If you don’t put your plant in complete darkness on its night cycle you run the chance of it going hermie and seeding. That’s another possibility.

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It was dark. grew in a tent and now my Bruce Banner looks like its going a pollen sack ! ! ! or two hope it doesn’t cross pollen with gorilla glue …

We’re the seeds supposed to be Feminized? The buds look yummy!!!

Look up plant deficiencies!!

You could had a light leaking. I had it happen to me too but next grow of LSD was great. After I tape all the little red lights on power supply. She was one of my best :rofl::rofl:

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How many plants are in each pot? It looks like multiple! If it’s one in each they look fantastic. Did you pick and prune to get them so bushy? I’m a beginner so sorry for all the questions!! How high up is the screen the plants are growing through? That’s the SOG method correct?

That is 2 plants. And I did pinch the top on only 1. LSD is a very bushy strain.