Why my the hair on my plants was turning brown

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I was trying to figure out why my the hair on my plants was turning brown I was trying to find out if it was

Some people harvest off of the pistols when they get 80% get brown or red others go by tricomes by finding the ratio of amber and cloudy tricomes. But ni it’s normal for them to change. I would start checking tricomes with a loup but from the picture you still have 2 to 3 weeks mabey a little longer depending on how you harvest


it’s been two weeks since I was the last picture on my last post someone said that I had two weeks left the top the top of it look ready but the bottom don’t can I still cut the top of it

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I think the top still has a little more time, but yes, you can cut the top and wait for the rest to ripen.

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How much longer do u think i have

Do you have a microscope to check the trichomes? It’s hard to tell from the pic, but I still see quite a few white pistils, so I’d say at least a week.

Do you u have a email that i can get in touch with you cause when i have questions its hard to get in touch with people

Specific type of microscope that I need to look at it

I’m sorry, but emails are not allowed on the forum. If you need to tag someone just put an @ in front of the person’s name, like this @Jacob. I will always answer my tags.

This is the microscope that i use. It clips to your phone so that you can take pictures. It’s cheap and works well.

Ok thanks for all of your help

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Do all the white need to be gone b4 it readt

I think its should be done by now

If you are harvesting off of the pistols then when around 80% brown they say it’s ready