Why my seeds not germinated?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Thank you for your quick response. I followed your germination instructions. I PHed water to 6.0 and left my 20 Super Skunk seeds in it. After ~36hrs, three had tails, I planted them in Miracle Grow Seed Starting Mix in a domed tray and placed the tray in a room controlled to 25 Celcius at 60% to 70% humidity. Soil and dome interior were kept moist/humid by spraying. Next day, two more tails sprouted and those seeds too were added to the propagation tray. Following days saw three more seeds sprout for a total of 8 sprouts. As they sprouted, they were added to the prop tray. After 5 days, with only eight seeds sprouted, I added the remaining seeds to the prop tray as your instructions caution against too much time spent in the water. Two of the initial three sprouted seeds grew immediately strong and vigorous. They’re doing well. Another single seedling (not one of the original three) emerged after about 10 days! It is puny and weak. The remaining seeds, even the ones that had sprouted tails, failed to break ground! The propagation tray is a 72-celled domed tray with Miracle Grow Seed Starting Mix kept moist with Ottawa, ON, Canada tap water (about 80ppm) PHed to 6.0. The room was at a constant 25 degrees C and at a constant 60% to 70% RH. It is a very clean, well-ventilated, unused bathroom in the basement of my home.

If you’re looking for the number that actually “germinated”, that is, sprouted a tail, that would be 8 of 20 but the number of seedlings produced from 20 seeds is 3. That is, 17 unproductive seeds.
20 White Widow Day 2:you can’t tell from the photo (attached) but only 2 of 20 have sprouted. So far, similar results as Super Skunk.

Sounds like quite a problem. One thing I noticed in your narrative is that you’re sprouting the seeds somewhere besides the grow room. How are the temps in the germination area?

The other question would be how deep are you planting in the miracle grow and are you keeping THAT media too wet?

Lastly, I’d suggest getting your hands on some bag seed and perfect your germination process on them instead of expensive seeds.

Good luck with it.

Couple of things. I’m not a big fan of miracle grow soil. Too hot IMO. I use peat pellets. Maybe over watering. Are you letting your tap water sit 24 to 36 hours to have the chlorine evaporate off.


Well, that’s true, too. I use peat pellets. Although I use MG without any issues and sometimes go straight to the MG, so I doubt that’s his problem. You may be onto something with the chlorine.

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Aside from the possible Chlorine in the tap water I tend to use RO or bottled water