Why my plants keep dying over night


I started out with five now im down to two. Past three nights same happens. I turn off the ligjt around 12 am and they look great. Wake up at 7 am. Turn lights on. One will be shriveled and dead. Not sire whats going on. When the first two died i though well it happens sence the other ones looked great


You need something to keep the humidity and heat in. They’re most likely getting cold and/or drying out.


Yep, I agree


Looks like a couple of things going on…
1st you only need the big light since there so small and make sure it’s a cfl bulb…
2nd looks like damping off from overwatering…
3rd that fan is to strong for them right now and is causing your humidity to be too low… :wink:

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I added the fan after the first two died. Its on low and barley moves the plants. Not over watering. Water every other day . only happens at night after i turn the light off


Also with just the big light they stretch but since i added two the streching stopped and plant growth sped up


For sure … you are overwatering… :wink:
You came here for advice… don’t shoot the messenger… :wink:
Fan is too much for little plants… indirect air is what is needed. … not direct … :wink:

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Also needs to provide good temperature when lights are off…
@Bman88900 if that barely moves the plants I think is ok to use… Be careful whit temperature, not to drop under 60 degrees and more then 75.
Also I hope that cups have hols under them (a few holes on sides also will help!)!!!


The guys here told me to cut the top off some soda bottles & put that over the younguns. I was taking them off once a day as I killed one with too much humidity when it was too young & I also figured doing that would refresh the Co2 in the dome (not sure if that is actually helping, but that was my thinking behind it & it seemed to work) :grin: :+1:t3:


I lost a bunch of clones early last spring due to cold temps. What are the temps right before lights on?


Looks like damping off to me, too. Drainage, air circulation, don’t overwater. You might now have something growing on the soil surface, too. I’d probably replace as much of the soil as I could without disturbing the plants.



You need to transplant into bigger pots and make the hole deep so that only an inch is above ground and don’t feed them any nutrients until they have 5 sets of true leaves



Ill adf this your stems look thin and plants look streached out
Imo you need to move lights closer
Fan should not be blowing directly on them either
Misting the soil is best for the plants :seedling: once or twice a day but only if soil is dry
At this stage keeping to top later moist
garrigan65 and the rest of the folks have given you some good advice
we have a friendly community welcome to the forum i know you been around fir a bit but this is the firat time we have spoken @Bman88900


It is tough to lose pants when you feel you have given them a good start. Learn from them.
Babies do NOT need to be watered every other day. I think too much water is the leading cause of death among the young. Seriously, they barely need a sip at this point. If you still have a couple alive, build some soil up around your stems to give them strength. Keep the light close enough so they don’t reach too much, but make sure the heat is not too much on them. and let them get thirsty! You have to be extreme to kill em by lack of water…they mostly get their water from high humidity at this stage. Mist the air over them with water
What type of soil did you plant them in? Soil can be very rich, and that can kill babies. If you have a soil problem like a fungus that will also cause what you are seeing. What is the PH of the water you have been giving them?
The basics of proper PH, watering, soil, and light take a little practice, but you will get there. Good luck.


Only one left but i think yall can help me figure out why they all died . so once i got to this last one i was expecting the same thing. Same routine for all them. (Turn off lights and go to bed. Wake up turn lights back on and one or two would be shriveld up and dead. Same thing night after night. Well same thing eventuality happen with one. So i said screw it and i turned the light off decided ill clean it all up tomorrow. Well next day comes and i go to clean up the space and BOOM :christmas_tree: ITS standing back up with its leaves exspanded all good to go. Wierd but it did it when the lights were off almost 24 hrs. Any thoughts on what the heck is happening


Well, it’s a Christmas Miracle!

Seriously, I think this points back to over watering. I wouldn’t leave it in the green pumpkin too long. It’ll be tough to get the rootball out without damage. Make sure the pumpkin had drainage holes, too.


Many reasons are making a :seedling: to die!

  1. Overwater
  2. Hot soil
  3. Wrong pot(I hope yours have a lot of holes)
  4. Feed them!
  5. ETC


That plant is in veg now. I’d still put a dome over it for the time being.


last one to survive and shes doing pretty good . Still dont know why the rest died one by one but this girl seems to have pulled through. Happy enough right now. Honestly im thinking it was the humidity . i leave a cup of water in there and it helped alot


She looks happy @Bman88900
I would personally keep it under a dome another week or so
And mist soil daily