Why my autos taking so long?

I planted my first set of seeds in April. My Jack Herer Auto is on 16 weeks my bubblegum kush is on 16 weeks my Jack here’s the only one that has started to Bud. My second set of Autos I started in June and 11 weeks later they started the beginnings phase of flower. Autos are supposed to start in the third to four week of flower. So what did I pay for?

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What medium are you using? What nutes are you feeding? Indoor or outdoor? They can take longer. Depends on all sorts.

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Im using Vigor potting soil, fox farm trio for nutes, 16 week plants out doors, 11 week plants on grow tent…

Are you sure there autos and not photo’s. Where did you get them from? I grow autos inside your inside plants seem to be on track. let me tag some growers @kellydans @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410


You paid for auto flowers, they flower when they want. Sorry.


My experience with autos general rule they will Start flowering between 4 to 7 weeks. But you will get a stubborn one occasionally that will take longer and some much longer. basically they flower when they want to. If you’re inside controlling the lights sometimes you can cut back on light can help give them a bump.


I got them from ILGM… so far out of 15 i must have 4 stubborn ones… i guess when I do my next hope they auto like there supposed to… thanks all…

It could be your medium. Idk about vigorous. Although I used to blend and bag their fertilizer. But that’s another story. I just k ow everyone uses fox farm mediums for soil that I see. Or make living organic… if your medium is too compact or too high ph maybe. Could be getting nute lockout maybe? Causing it to slow down idk. I’m not a pro yet. Lol. But it could be maybe you need better lights too? I’d imagine all sorts of things could be slowing it, plus as said, autos do what they want…

Wow, this is a shock to hear. I bought Autos, for the first time, because I read they were quicker the Fem seeds. I’ve ordered more Fem seeds for next grow. In the other hand, everything you put in to your grow influences your ladies, medium, air flow, temperature, humidity etc etc. Hope they hurry up for you.

They usually are quicker. And honestly autos are usually more forgiving then photoperiod plants. Well, in my opinion. Problem with autos are you’re on it’s time for the most part. So if you top or fim, you can actually ruin a yield. Depends. Because once it flowers it’s going. But at least with the photos you can beg longer if you wanted to then flower them yourself.