Why my autos have no stalk

I don’t know what I did to make them like this but I kinda like all the nodes.
It’s feeding day for the twins. Should start preflower any day now so I am trying to decide if I should do some topping. The trunk on these 2 plants are nothing but limbs. Lol. Guess it’s a good thing. Don’t really know but it’s what I got.only thing I have done is supercrop one of them. The other started off selftopping itself. I am doing what many say don’t do to autos but others say it’s fine. I am doing whatever I can in increase yield with what i have. Age us right at 1 month

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Good job beautiful plants don’t really look like they need topping they’re pretty darn bushy. Good luck


If you’re going to top autos, you want to do it before flowering begins…long before flowering begins.


what strain are they supposed to be ? you can always gripe to the supplier but me personally …leave them be and sing songs to them.
Think bonsai !



They are blueberry autos from ilgm

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looks like they were monster cropped, which clearly isnt an option with an auto. cool!!

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What are the odds of 2 of them doing the same thing in the same container. It’s really odd. My other is in its own pot and grew normally.

is it soil used in a previous grow? if so, then what nutes did u use?

Actually yes. It was fox farms ocean and I am using ff trio

maybe it has something to do with buildup from the previous grow… it may be something worth investigating how to do on purpose.

how old are ur girls?

They are 1 month old. Maybe I can sell the soil when they finish on eBay. Monster soil. Lol. I will probably just plant 2 more and try again. Definitely getting my money’s worth from the soil. This is second grow in it. Only thing I did was add worm castings. Epson and bone meal.

nice. they are monsters for a month of grow. soon they’ll flower and double or more in size

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I have been very happy with my seeds from ilgm

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what you have is a MUTATION !
they will most probably be an outrageous smoke, please keep us all updated with their growth.

J68 :octopus:

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@Countryboyjvd1971. Any thoughts on the strange stalks. Did you ever have this in your multiple grows per pot?