Why my auto white widow has no smell and curling leaves

There is no smell possibly from the looks it has been in flower for maybe 10 days. That plant looks sativa dominant, and it’s a regular gal, so her flower total is 8-10 weeks at best. Plus add your veg time before flower. You have got time to shine! Get her going on those nutes don’t be afraid, she is curling up from a K deficiency (potassium) I am guessing only base off your photo…so I might be completely wrong. Check your PH of soil and water run off, PH your water with nutes added to your water and I hope it’s brewing for 10-15 mins, then check PH before watering the gals.

Now to do your math. I hope you have an accurate meter!
tea’s PH
soil’s PH
runoff PH
Figure each one of these numbers and we can do this together lol