Why leaves turn yellow and brown

how to test soil ph got leafs going yellow to brown dead and curling up .water ph 6 to 7 300 watt led light full spectrum nutrients by fox farm north light about 6 weeks old watering 2 times a week nutr 1once a week help don’t know how to test soil

thank you I will get a digital meter and try it thank you after checking what do I do I am sorry for the dumb questions but this is a first time for me need the help

**ONLY DUMB QUESTION ** is the one you don’t ask.

suggest you buy a PH n PPM Meter set…$20 online. Critical.

If you use prefertilized media…good chance it will burn the plants.


yeah I think that’s what I did I just ordered one and was going to do a flush on it today I very much thank you for the help I need all I can get

Solid advise. Best of luck with the ladies. Remember we love photos!

O yea… welcome to ILGM!!!

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Thank you for the help I will do it today and as soon as I figured out how to do the pictures I will and thank you

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@moonman13 black arrow shows you where the picture button is in mobile mode and the red if your on desktop version.

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Thank you I will try it when I get home

Welcome to ILGM, @moonman13!

thanks nice group of helpful people I need you all

is it ok to flush with water whit a ph of about 7

Are u in soil or coco? And flushing for nute lockout?

In soil ud prefer 6.3-6.8. Unless ur last runoff was low, then to raise it u go in higher.

In soilless mediums (hydro/coco) u wanna stay around 5.8-6.2. Although some do like it a bit higher and some a bit lower (few tho)

What dose this look like


soil is what she is ini think I got the nute to hi I was going to try flushing to see if it helps

I just uploaded a pic of her and thank you for your help

I agree, looks like it could be a little bit overfed. The drying leaves on the bottom, is it just a few? She looks pretty bushy, maybe could stand to lose a few leaves. It will help with airflow. Overall, she looks pretty good to me! Stay on top of the pH and PPM of what’s going in and coming out, and you’re golden. :v:

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thank you I will trim them off and yes its just those few waiting for ph meter to show up thanks for the help

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They’re probably nothing to be too worried about then. Maybe they got splashed when feeding.

I will keep a eye on it and trim thanks for the help need all I can get

its in soil I think I may have over nute her was going to flush her checked ph of water its somewhere round 7 don’t have a meter yet its in the mail I am using ph up and down to check ph of water now

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