Why is this purple so tall?

A question from a fellow grower:

Can you tell me why this purple is so tall? I thought GD purp was a indica. She’s in her 2nd month of budding.

indica doesn’t always mean short they can be 5-6’ a bigger plant isn’t usually a bad thing?

Having problems opening photos here today but another reason for tall indica plants is insufficient light. Indica comes from high elevations where light intensities are strong. If the light is lower they tend to stretch to try to reach for the light. If the plant is otherwise healthy, I wouldn’t worry.

If you can gently, and I mean GENTLY! pull the branches down a little and secure them there, you may not have to worry about them looking over your fence before you harvest.

Check out low stress training techniques and it will eliminate the problem of outgrowing the fence. Not to mention more colas in the end. Too late this year, but you’ll be glad you did next time.

I grow Pk and by harvest they hit 4-5’ after a 2-3 month veg though since indoors I am less concerned with prying eyes and lst is an option but I have large flower space so don’t mind the height less bending over to inspect lmao. They won’t get much taller they are midway through flower so if they aren’t too tall now they won’t be