Why is this one bending?

First grow
Three feminized in a tent in the basement under an HLG 100rSpec
Two are straight as an arrow. This one is bending. Thoughts?


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Probably reaching for the light.

I thought that but the other two plants next to it are not bending

I have one that I ended up transplanting crooked, straightened itself out, can still tell near the dirt where the stem makes an abrupt turn going into the soil. Wouldn’t worry about it as long as it’s not causing issues though. Mayb she just decided to take a break. Lol.


Have u tried to spin the pot see if it statts leaning the opposite way again. Maybe stick that one right under the light so she grows strait up. Maybe she is a pimp and has a bit of the pimp lean. Does she have a mac daddy kane also


Like a pimp :joy:


This. She probably is just coming out leaning. No worries. Rotate the pot and she’s chase light back over her shoulder

now THAT bend I like

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I have spun her around a few times ; )
I am going to top her soon. Hopefully that will help

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