Why is this happening

This is the second time this has happened my seedlings shortly after popping they just topple over the only thing new is ive changed from soil to coco and added a seed heating mat. any one have any suggestions?

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Looks like you need to get that light closer. Looks like they are stretching to the point they can’t support themselves any longer. Also over watering can cause seedlings to damp off.


Get the light closer, had the same thing happen to me when I started my seeds in November. I lowered the lights and staked the plants up and they recovered after a few days.

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Staked the plants up? Do you mean LST at that size?

No I used some toothpicks to keep them proped up until they could stay up on there own. Lowered my light to about less them 12 inches from the tops of my sprouts.


Not lst @neofirebird. Put a tooth pick beside them and support the seedlings with them. :v:
.saw you typing :point_up: @darkillusion3526.

if you don’t have toothpicks take anything that is long and straight, bamboo skewers, a pencil, heck birthday candles would work in a pinch. @Oldguy :v:


Hmm I’ve seen sticks used but not toothpicks LOL never had any problems with seedlings “falling over” :thinking::astonished: I’m watching interested to see what’s going on.

I’m almost positive it not stretching the other seedling are not stretching at all and the ones that toppled were the same height. but ty for your comment.

What happened last time this happened was I believe they suffocated because the dome I had been using had no air holes. This time I put 3 small hole in the dome, one on each end and one hole on top. So last night I took off the dome completely and the other seedlings seem to be doing fine. I also unplugged the heat mat to. Is it possible they overheated with the dome on(with 3 small holes) should I make the air holes bigger. With top off I turned mat back on cause I never had a problem with the seed heating mat in the past.

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Those seedlings drowned. There is enough air in a clear Solo cup to provide enough for the seedling: you don’t need holes in it. The only water the seedlings should see is a mist on the inside of the dome and NO watering of the substrate.

Seedlings have no tap root. They do not extract moisture from soil but rather from the air. That in combination with lights killed the seedlings.

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Thank you I think you nailed it as far as them drowning I started using coco switching from dirt and I’m guessing thats why they got over watered . But it make sense,


I water my coco down with calmag water a couple days before planting and let it air dry some

This is actually the first time i’l be growing in coco and yes I will be doing that Horn. But any tips are welcome ty

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Sorry buddy but that was false information. I actually water the coco with about 1/3 strength nutes and full calmag. Never had a problem. Nute wise.

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The remaining 3 seedlings appear to be doing fine now. I think it was a case of over watering cause I removed the doom and that helped to dry out the coco a little.