Why is this happening to my baby?

I’ve had a couple successful gross to say the least and I am starting a single plant right now that has thrown me for a loop. My second set of leaves are growing sideways I’ll post a picture to show you what I’m talking about and this is the first time it has ever happened to me and it’s quite puzzling because no matter how I try to twist and turn the leaves up right they go back.

Hey @TwistedClover welcome to ILGM! Lots of great help here. But I have a link here for you if you fill out a ticket it would speed up the helping process and better inform the pros! Just copy paste and provide the info asked. GL with your plant!


ILGM Grow Support Ticket

Do you have a fan blowing on the plant?

Welcome to ILGM! And i have no idea. Maybe she just wants to wave ‘hello’

Try moving your light or lights up from your plant, it’s most likely from heat from your lights

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Jazz hands.

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No not yet on the fan idea.

Yeah well she’s being a pain in my… butt right now so :laughing:

Smh at least I laughed on this one.

Right from the start my light has been 16 inches away so any further and I think she’d start stretching to much.

What are you using for lighting?

You have got to have a fan. It is not advisable to start a grow without the proper implements. Good Luck on your grow. lw :slight_smile: