Why is stem purple

Ok guy’s u helped on first plant now this one. Thlught it mite be from over watering but the purple in the stem is getting more defined. What could this be from. Again its bag seed in soil out side. Miracle grow organic soil.

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Well for one you better do somethingabout that white powdery mildew.You will need to treat your plants with various organic and chemical controls. This list will work for indoor and outdoor growers in killing and preventing Powdery Mildew. Outdoor growers can use Organics List below to help prevent Powdery Mildew of starting, even after it has started using anything below will help kill it off. (Note: When using chemical and or organic control methods, do not spray the buds, and for health and safety reasons, stay away from spraying around the buds if all possible.)

Plant Shield
Garden Disease Control
Fungicide containing Lime, Sulphur

JMS Stylet Oil
Saf-T-Side Spray Oil
Sunspray Ultra-Fine Spray Oil
Neem Oil
Neem 2
Safer Garden Fungicide
Concern Copper Soap Fungicide
Guardian Angel
Serenade Garden Disease Control OMRI
Safer 3-in1 Garden Spray OMRI
Sulfur Vaporizer
Garden Sulphur
Sulphur Burner
Sodium Bicarbonate
Mother Nature’s Karanja Oil
Concern Copper Soap Fungicide

You really need to take care if it a.s.a.p

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Mix up .one tsp of Epson salt to one gal of water and tha should fix your problem.

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Get a Sulfur pot; Best method. :slight_smile:

just to clarify, would that be for the purple stem or the powdery mildew??


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purple stem – maybe phosphorous deficiency, but most nutrient systems formulated with cannabis in mind have plenty and so it is more often a magnesium deficiency and a cal/mag or epsom salt(magnesium sulfate) often is the remedy.

Sulfur pot for powdery mildew.


The Epson Salt would be for the purple stem

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Thanks! I’ll search for more info in a more appropriate area.