Why is one seedling stunted?

Runt of the litter most likely, happens often. Now it looks like your over watering it also, all you need to do with that one is mist it with a spray bottle so the soil is just moist but not wet. Others are looking great.

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One of my Blue Dream seedlings are very slow to grow and very small. All were treated the same way.

Ok i’ve never seen this before. Was hoping it wasn’t human error. I’ve already started a back-up to replace it. Thanks for the reminder on the watering , i have a tendency to do that.

No problem, over watering is probably the main cause of the extra stunted growth now, but a back up to replace it isn’t a bad idea at all. You could always start the back up and keep the runt alive for a while to see how it goes, if it doesn’t bounce back or the backup surpasses it very quickly then RIP runt :urn:

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