Why is one plant doing this and not the other?

@Aquaponic_Dumme could it be because the smaller pot doesn’t protect the roots from the heat as well as a thick 5 gal. bucket ?


It’s hard to tell from the two pictures, for the reason why. I do see a lot of chlorosis. I’m assuming @Dr.DankThumb420 is in final flush?

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I dont believe its fox tailing i think its incorrect ph. That looks like a bud starving. I think nute lock out. Do to stress of incorrect ph. Its very stressed out.


@Soilgrowth, I was only referring to the looks of the calyxes growing directly on top of one another, in the top picture. When this happens, it’s called foxtailing or crowning.

The chlorosis could be a number of issues, and I recommend @Dr.DankThumb420 fill out a support ticket.


I havent flushed yet , plants are 7~6 week of flower. I had used too much nutes a few days ago. Couldnt flush for a number of reasons but i will tomorrow @Aquaponic_Dumme


When did the yellowing (chlorosis) start?
What’s your medium?

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Which one are you talking about @Aquaponic_Dumme? The yellow leaves on the first one or the second ? The first one have been like that since a few weeks into flower

The first. The cause still could be a lot of issues, but my gut says root issues. I’m assuming you’re using the same watering can? Yes, pH is the first suspect, partly.

Here’s a link to the support ticket, as I’m unfamiliar with your garden.

COPY/PASTE: This “Support Ticket” into your forum post.
Answer these simple questions the best you can.
If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so = NA

Strain; Acapulco Gold bag seed

Soil in pots, fox farm ocean forest

System type? Na

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Na

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS alaskan kelp 0.13-0-0.60
Indoor or Outdoor outdoor

Light system, size? Na

Temps; Day, Night somedays 75°f during the day up to 90°f at night its 75°f all the way to 60°f

Humidity; Day, Night NA

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size NA

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, NA

Co2; Yes, No NA

Yeah i use the same watering utensil it is a plastic pitcher. Also anyone know where i can buy a digital ph pen @Aquaponic_Dumme

This could explain the excessive fox-tailing, but many sativas dominant breeds like Acapulco Gold are prone to this anyway.

And the pH at the root-zone would be helpful info, as a pH that is too far out of range will contribute to chlorosis due to nutrient lockout, usually from a pH that is way to alkali.

Waterlogged, damaged or compacted/root bound roots and Iron, Manganese or Zinc deficiencies can also cause or contribute to chlorosis. A pH that is too alkali often causes an Iron deficiency.

Happy growing,


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Thanks @MacGyverStoner

So i need to flush the chlorosis out correct macg @MacGyverStoner

So Mac G @MacGyverStoner i went into check on my girls and i find one like this, its seeding up. It turned hermi? I put them under my 400 watt hps today for some extra sun

Not necessarily. You need to correct the pH. Chlorosis, is the loss of chlorophyll in the plant because it doesn’t have the proper nutrients to produce the chlorophyll.

Correcting the pH, if that is what is causing the problem, might help.

If something else was going on, like not enough iron in the soil, you could add an iron supplement.

If the problem was caused by waterlogged root damage, flushing will not necessarily help and could actually contribute to the problem.

Knowing if the pH is too low, or too high, would help us understand what nutrients are most likely to be lacking.

If calcium, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, or copper are in too high of amounts, it can lock up iron so that it is unavailable to the plant.

Also, a problem a lot of new growers don’t account for is increasing phosphorus and potassium during flowering, the plant will be ravenous for these during flowering. And a lack of potassium will reduce the availability of iron to the plant.

It is unlikely there is much you can do this late in the game. But if you could narrow some things down, we could better advise you.

Happy growing,


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Well it wasnt from overwatering i let them dry out. Probably ph related. What about the seedy lookin what its a hermie right

That pic is Awsome!!

I believe its a mutation. Its definitely a loss. Its has to many different species of genetics. Its so confused.

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Was doing fine until i put under hps, i had actually just looked at it and didnt see anything so im guessing from being switched to the light @Soilgrowth

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