Why is my vape effect low?


@Greenlantern @AnneBonny you guys both make you own vape juice don’t you ? Maybe you can assist our friend here ?


thank you, friend @Countryboyjvd1971 I read their post,But there are many things that are not quite understood😔My English is poor

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Ok buddy im sure if you asked they would try to explain whatever questions you have
I haven’t tried making the vap juice myself
How do you process your vape juice @tanxiaodi

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@tanxiaodi @Countryboyjvd1971 Agree with Country, I need your process to help you. It looks like you are trying to mix tincture with PG/VG. I would think that would dilute it too much. I only cook with flower of kief directly in the mixture. You need approx 8 grams per 100ml. You can add more product if u want it stronger.


Thanks for popping in and trying to help @Greenlantern

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I agree with @Greenlantern that it would help to know your process. The first few times I did it with the Pg/VG my effect was not good. I used too much. I switched to the premade liquid from farm to vape and Wax Liquidizer. I use the CCO now and the ratio is one gram of CCO (comcentrated cannabis oil) to 2 ml of wax Liquidizer and it’s perfect. I need to get more of a feel for consistency etc before I go back to trying the pg/VG again. I do know I just need to use a lot less of it and will tweak my ratio. Also the key is to use a good concentrate with little to no plant matter.

Not sure how much that helps.


Thank you my friend @Countryboyjvd1971 @Greenlantern @AnneBonny I never thought it was so difficult😔I tested two methods

Can you give me a detailed step?:heart:

Cook 8g flower in double boiler with 50 ml pg/50 ml vg for 3 hours at 180f, strain, cool and smoke.

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Looks like he’s using reclaim. Don’t use VG in your mix. PG400 or EJ mix, both found on Amazon, add at 1mL of EJ mix for per gram of concentrate/reclaim.
Hope this helps


I will try it

I have to take a good look

thankyou i was wondering about farm to vape. i am going to buy some so thankyou.