Why is my plant small?

I’ve grown 18 inch autos out that only yielded about a quarter of dry weight after the fact. The question is, do you really wanna put time and effort into something that wont give you much bud at this point.


no RO or distilled water is fine , unless you are growing in super soil, you do need a pH pen .Weed takes in nutes best around 6.5 pH

Fuck it it’s my first grow I’m not juss gonn give up on it


Can U send a list on what I need to buy for my next grow to get a good yeild

The one problem I see is here.

I can’t understand why its like this at 4 months. I have seen bigger Miracle Grow soil with marijuana plants.

Even my Autos was better developed that this one. Outside this spot it does seem healthy

How much sunlight does she get?.

I mean you’ll def learn from it. Just go with the flow imo and treat her as best you can. She might surprise you. But I’d be like sorry not sorry. I’m here for the flowers lol

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Gotta use Cal-mag with RO and Distilled water if my memory serves me. I know RO you fo for a fact.

@KoolHandLuke I used straight tap water when I first stsrted. That isn’t the problem as the plant would show more damage. The Chlorine would have the whole plant be Fubar.

This was the only time I experienced a problem and I figured it out real fast. I had to wait for payday when I got a Pur water filter. Water went from brown, nasty, and taste of sewer water to actually drinkable.

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What is that spot?

It gets 13-14 hours of sunlight

Honestly its hard to see in the picture. We will need a clear photo of it. :+1:

Then its a Auto for sure. My one picture shows what 12/12 does in a grow tent. Your plant should dwarf mine.

I’ll send it asap do u have a recommendation for a ph tester I could buy

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I use Vivosun and a Apera pH meter. When I actually use them. :joy::joy::joy:


So I don’t need one ? What do I use to get good water I can water my plant with

I went to Walmart and got a PUR Water Filter as you rarely need to add Cal-mag. I do from time to time.

Also you are lucky as I don’t see any pests munching on your plant. Good job. :+1:

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Man if you’re gonna finish her out I recommend your pH be perfect at all times. And by perfect I mean within ranges for your medium. I bought a bunch if bs testers and jumped on the apera for $45. I have no regrets.


Yes…that is it. Any PUR filter system will work.

@TheAlchemist I would let it finish. He can still learn from it and apply the new knowledge to a new plant. I have only pulled one plant ever and only because 3 of the plants went over 7’ tall indoors and robbed the 4th of the light.

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I appreciate it man
So buy the filter and I should be set or do I need to buy anything else?

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You are welcome. Keep growing it and learn. We are here to help each other out and that is what makes this a great community. We want you to get the best crop possible. :+1::+1::+1: