Why is my plant not flowering?

I’ve been growing for a few years and thought I had most issues figured out. However I switched my latest plant to flower over a month ago and it’s still not flowering. Now here’s the thing…I sprayed it when it was in veg and it did get some pesticide burn, I took off the dead/burnt leaves in the final veg prune(the reason why I sprayed it in veg) and gave it time to recover before switching the lights. Some of the leaves have minimal damage but they still look ok. I’m wondering if it’s still recovering or if it’s just done? It’s still growing and has new leaves coming and still bushing out but no flowers after a month. I’ve been growing this strain for at least two years from seed with no issues so know the stain well. Any ideas? Oh, I should also mention there are no bananas, balls or any signs that it would be male.


Do you have pics of the plant? Something with a node.

Has she shown her sex at all?


My first guess would be light leak or issue with light not shutting off when it should. But would like to see some pics too. Did you verify when your lights are actually going off and turning on?


Check for any light leaks or any light of any kind on a fan or anything in the room and cover it up.

Put it in darkness for 24hours then switch it to 11/13, thats 11 on and 13 off.
If that doesn’t work then idk what to say. I’ve had some that took for ever it seemed to start but they eventually always did…

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What i like to do is to put two different hygrometers in my grow area that are Bluetooth. It stores some of the data for x amount of time. I have one in my tent and one in the “lung room”. This way i can always check high and lows of rh/temp. But i can also verify the timer operation is correct for lights on/off. Check to make sure the timers bypass switch is not engaged as well. Good luck


Thanks for the suggestions. Pretty sure it’s not a light leak as I check frequently. Also I’m in Canada and when the lights are off the tent is in a totally dark room so if there was a leak it would still be dark haha.

I am suspicious about the timer on the lights though. It is set for 12/12 but…I’m going to double check when I’m home all day tomorrow. It has not shown it’s sex but looks like some hairs are trying to develop. Maybe I’m just being hopeful. Humidity and temp is good and I keep a close watch on the PH of the soil. I’ll get a pic and see what you all think.

Thats y i suggested the bluetooth hygrometers. You can look and see the temp change at light switch to verify if you are not always there. I check mine everyday b4 work to make sure it turned off when it should have. Takes only a sec

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I had 2 plants that didn’t flower after 2 months above ground so I tossed them. This was back in May and nothing by July.

They probably would have flowered if I would have waited.

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No kidding…never had that indoor or out.

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If it hasn’t shown sex it may still be waiting for puberty


Its only happened to me once and that was this year.

I’m going to check into the Bluetooth Hygrometers. I only grow 1-2 plants at a time and have a veg tent and a flower tent, so I keep it low tech. It’s been 6 months since I’ve had a plant in the flower tent and did check the timer but maybe the switch was flipped on the side.
Something is telling me it’s either the lights or stress from the burn.

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Thanks Poseidon1, I watched the lights tonight and they didn’t turn off. Checked the timer and the bypass switch was engaged. I feel silly, must have happened when I checked the timer.
I hope I will see buds soon.


It’s always great when the fix to what seems like a complicate problem is so easy :upside_down_face:

Update: It is budding nicely. Sheesh