Why is my plant doing this?

She started to grow like this at her top and is the only one doing it. She looks healthy just the top looks all cluttered up.

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can you specify what you are referring to? i am having a hard seeing anything wrong.

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Outside ? Wind flipped leaves around possibly

Inside ? Fan flipped leaves around or a cat playing around or a dog or an alien spaceship hmm. What would flip leaves around ?

You can just ignore my comments as my new contacts make every pic weird I see. Damn things , getting old sucks…

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She just looks weird to me all the new growth at the top is so congested together.

Lol point taken! They are in a green house so kind of a controlled environment.

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I am going to follow along and see what information the other growers have. I have one plant outside doing the same wooly mammoth growth - she’s extremely healthy also.

The weather has been on the chilly side at night and a lot of rain.

Last year I had a plant do something similar. She was outside in a fabric pot. She produced bud, but I had a lot of issue with bud rot,

This year I had a few plants start doing the same thing and I think I may have identified the problem. I put them out too early and they started to flower and then revegged. None of my indoor plants did this and they are all clones from the same plant.

Next year I will not be putting plants outside until mid June. Just to be safe.

Thanks for your input…I put them out first week of June on a 15/9 schedule and she’s the only one to do it. Now my question is should I just top that part off?

That’s just what I did.

3 weeks later and I have more growth than if I had replaced the plant with a seedling or even a clone. Later on I will come back and clean up all the old growth. She won’t win any beauty contest but I’m expecting a good yield.

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