Why is my Peyote Zkittlez taking so long to flower?

So my Peyote Zkittlez plant has yet to flower and we’re in the last days of August. I have several other strains outside and they are all well into flower, including a Peyote Gorilla Glue and a Peyote Forum.
I assume that since two other plants of the Peyote Purple lineage that it has something to do with the Zkittlez genes?
I’m growing in soil that is rich in organic nutrients. I’ve also fed all the plants Dr. Earth’s Flower Girl dry feed back at the end of July. I do a compost tea feeding every other week with Boogie Brew and worm castings. The rest of the time I water now every other day.
The plant is definitely female with plenty of preflower. I’ve examined her well for balls and haven’t found any, so she doesn’t look to have hermied. She doesn’t look stressed whatsoever, and looks like a really healthy plant.
This is my fourth season growing outdoors and I’ve reached yet another milestone with grow issues. At least all the plants to this point.
I’m having issues with loading the pics with my phone so I’ll have to do it with my computer later.

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How tall is it? Try decreasing light cycle for a few days with a cover or moving it inside. A few days of 10 hours light should get you there I’d think?

Well I’ve trained her to grow outward, so she about a foot and a half tall and about 2 and a half feet in diameter. I have her in a 10 gal pot but she’s didn’t quite grow to that pot’s limit. She’s about a 7 gal pot size.

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Nothing you can do when growing outdoors about lighting LOL… I have one last outdoor plant that is now just barely starting to show signs of pre-flowers… It is what it is…

Got some photos? If it’s in preflower that should be a good sign. I’m not even close with my northern lights despite trying to force flower for the past week. Check out grow here
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