Why is my Durban poison like this

My Photo Durban poison has gave me a fit lately. Need help with figuring out what would be the cause.

They are in veg as you can see. Was switched over to a five gallon fabric pot. Medium is a mix of decomposed cow manure and old potting soil for its left over perlite and peat moss to help with water retention and to help it from becoming rock hard. Have tried letting it dry out thinking it’s over watering and three days once dried out has been watered. Still no sign of it being corrected.

Looks like under watering and nitrogen toxicity

It also looks like it got way to hot or humid or both…instead of N def. I was kinda thinking it’s just all around starving :thinking: but most def a watering issue going…might need to check the ph at the very least :man_shrugging:t2:

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I’m having to wait on a new meter. Mine crapped out when doing this very thing. Also if it doesn’t show as well very ridged feeling on the leaves. Got four like this. Thought once if I can’t get under control I’m going to have to transplant. Really hate how this medium does when watering it has a tendency of being like mortar dried up and hard. They was repotted about three weeks ago maybe four.

:thinking: if not wanting to spend some money on a soil additive to keep it from clumping solid…maybe get some gravel…no higher in size than maybe half the size of a dime….sand also will work just mix it in until you feel it’s a comfortable ratio and then test it with a water pour or 2…this might be the problem also as in your roots can’t breathe correctly…I would suggest rinsing the gravel or sand and try your best to get any random seeds out of it that you find if you’re using stuff directly off the ground

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Exactly what I’m thinking. As for additives never thought about gravel. Pea gravel may help and around here our quarry has limestone and sand stone they harvest more lime than anything could help a lot. But was hoping the old potting soil would bring down ph and such. So far got ph on the low side when mixed of 7 about 6.9-6.8. As for nutes it was high but nothing over kill.

Limestone added to your soil will definitely mess with your ph….you’ll give yourself more problems using that…sandstone I would think would break down faster than we would want it to even tho it might be possible to use I wouldn’t mess with it either. If you’re worried it’s the roots and don’t feel like correcting the soil…just flush the ever livin sh!t out of it….this includes very very gently rinsing and cleaning the roots off directly….then replant get yourself some soil nutrients like from Fox Farm…these can be dry or wet amendments for your soil it’s basically gonna be up to you and what kind of feeding schedule you’d like to keep but fix the issue at hand first and then we can get ya straightened out….:crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:You get your ph tester soon enough but I think a good flush and some love will help them

Edit: that PH is a lil high for soil…try to keep it 6.4-6.8 no higher than 7 :facepunch:t2: Also the flush will need to happen with the gravel and sand mixed in so you will definitely know how your soil will reacts upon heavy watering s such as downpours @anon86641082 @Budz can definitely help correct my advise and get ya back on track no worries :facepunch:t2:

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I agree with @grizZz. I will be hitting our garden with a ph of 6 today. I shoot for 6.4 but have found that the plants like a watering at alittle lower sometimes.

Well water is rain water that I catch in a 30gallon barrel. I know it’s nothing high ph but can’t remember where it landed at. Tried flushing it out and the run off was almost as much as I poured in this dirt has got me shaking my head it hardly allows
Water to pass. Have to slowly pour and watch. Another reason why I posted this. Thanks to everyone who has responded. Always good to get multiple brains working on a problem. Just want to cover all possibilities of what could cause this waiting on a arrival date for a ph meter. But please fill welcomed to chime in.