Why is my blueberry auto so small

Blueberry auto by ilgm in 3 gallon fabric pot with ffof soil, plant already has an incredible amount of trichomes I didn’t get to lst much before she started to flower, is this a runt or normal size for the Blueberry auto?

Gave it some dry amendments while vegging but is it ready for some bloom fertilizer?

It’s small but not underwhelming by any stretch of the imagination.

Thing about autos is they sorta need “optimal” from the moment the tap root breaks the shell, which is not really a strong suit for most new growers, and even some seasoned ones.

She looks good, mostly just like a couple of missed opportunities in training along the way.

Yes. Bloom time and then some.


One of my first grows. Had three, the other two were not much bigger. Produced nice buds though


My first auto was huge and my second one is even bigger again

Be careful with bloom nutrients at the moment. What kind of dry ammendment did you use during veg, and how much of it? FFOF is a pretty hot soil. No need for amendments during the first few weeks. It’s a good bet that the reason she stunted could be she was overfed between the hot soil and whatever you added. What week are you in now? Do you know the pH of the water you’re feeding her?