Why is my Ak auto so sick?

I I’m giving it calmag but looks like root rot and calcium deficiency

Just added a 600 watt led 3 days ago and distance is 3ft

@Majiktoker @garrigan62

Looks like overwatering with ph problem or phosphorus in excess, likely caused from ph problem


What is your ph of the plant in question?

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last water runoff was 6.4

Looks like a phosphorus toxicity, phosphorus in soil is an immobile nutrient/element meaning it is near impossible to flush out

I’m still using veg nutes. Phosphorus is a flower nute

Phosphorus is contained in both not just one or the other, and it could be built up in the soil itself…

Phosphorus is not a veg nutrient nor flower nutrient, it is an element in aiding in healthy plants structure devlopement as well as bud develement so technically phosphorus is a primary nutrient or a primary element


You beat me to it toker, it could also just build up in the soil over time.

Added an edit above

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Ok thanks the light colored leaves made me think it needs nutes especially it’s an auto in a small pot so I thought it would need nutrition more than my photos that are transplanted into new soil. So…

How do I not kill it?

Regular water and no nutrients only PhD water, thats about it, and autos need less food than photos, it will be a moment until you notice the new growth being healthy and you have to becareful because depending on where the light colored leaves started it could be nitrogen, or calcium, we will see what @garrigan62 opinion is

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Give it some recharge!!!