Why is it happening?

Can anybody tell me what’s going on here?

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Gorgeous cola! :+1:

This looks like foxtailing. What are your day/night temperatures/rh?

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Thx. My day temp is in the mid 80’s /rh 50%. Nights temp 75 rh 65% . My temp is lil high during the day

Yeah, that’s probably the culprit. Looks close, anyway, but if you can get the temperature down a few degrees for the remainder, it’ll help.

Will do! Thx for the help :+1:

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No problem! :v:

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Drop that humidity to the 40-50% range as well.


Foxtailing is what that is called and before you make all kinds of adjustments do some research on the strain it’s happening with, some strains are just prone to foxtail. That being said, us it just on the top of that 1 cola? If so then your lights are probably a little close, if it’s happening all over even on lower buds it’s just geneticd


Mid 80 are not bad in flower, lots of research being done on temps with led, I have seen better growth personally with temps in mid 80 my box runs 84-86 with lights on and around 70 off and they love it. I used to run my temps lower but definatly notice with led lights in flower I get better growth at higher temps I really wouldn’t worry about that aspect unless it keeps up around 90+


Now that u mentioned it it is only on that 1 cola. I’ll raise the lights up lil higher .thx :+1:

I personally just let mine go if it’s not light bleaching or burning then I don’t mess with anything, they can get dense so make sure you have good air flow

If you folks don’t mind me piggy backing, what’s the disadvantage to foxtailing? Other than the appearance, does it effect potency or is it just a sign of some other issue? My Gold Leaf had some minor foxtailing towards the end but I didn’t notice any decrease in quality.

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