Why is Bruce Banner Auto always a drama queen?

Every time i tried to grow this strain from ILGM she is the only one always being a drama queen.
What gives?

Week 7 from seed
Ending 2nd week of flower

Organic super soil mix with Earth Dust amendments.
Also using recharge, aloe drench, molasses and different kinds of SST’s.

Water with carbon filtered water
PH is usually 6.4-7.6 sometimes I PH the water when its above 8
Water every 2-3 days until i feel the bottom wet, usually about .5-1 gallon.

Under a 650w full spec led
650-800 ppfd 40-45 dli

Lights on
VPD 1.2-1.35
Temp 71-76 Rh 50-58

Lights off
VPD .8-1

To me she is looking like she is overwatered or the light is to strong.

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I feel like even though you can buy the same strain, every grow room is different and every grower is different. This happens to everyone at some point I think. You might have to triple check your parameters or move on to something else.

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It might also just be a pheno type. I have 6 of the same plants going and this one, only one, looks weak, thin, and in need of some help. I’m just gonna grow it out anyways.

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I always to seem to have one PITA type plant. Always nicknamed Gary after my cat. But those challenging plants really helped me to become a better grower.

Hoppy grows! :rabbit2:

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@Fewshin @JaneQP I guess there is always that one plant that likes to keep us on our toes…gave her a aloe drench with some elemental and moved the light up about 10" next day she was back to normal. Appreciate the input!!!

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Kinda had the same thing with 2 different strains. I, for some reason, had troubles with Banana kush auto from ILGM and Night Queen from Dutch passion. Both seemed to go into flower then just went catatonic.