Why is Auto so small zkittles

So the two on the left are zkittles strain and so is the one in the back right corner thats flowering right now, do those 2 small ones look like they are done growing and going inti flower already? Weird how my other zkittles in back right corner got way much bigger


Autos are bred with rude rails, which are naturally small, so you never know what you’re gonna get. I personally don’t care for them.

Autos are not naturally small. When they were first introduced, they certainly were often smaller, but not now. Breeders have had many years to get it right. That being said, autos are more sensitive to stress, because they don’t have time to recover, like photos. So, if you stress them out while young, you can end up with a smaller plant.

Once that plant hits its flowering stretch, it will grow plenty bigger.

Are they all autos or just the smaller one?


All autos but those 2 small ones look like they are starting to flower and wont get any bigger

They will most likely double in size once the flowering stretch begins.


Your plants will defo double in size I would not worry they look ok to me they will stretch.And if people say autos are naturaly small go take a look at the autos I have recently grown the pictures are on here they are capable of good yields


What size pots are they all in? Small pot = small plant usually.

3 gallons but they stretched huge so all good heres one now just feeding

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