Why is Amnesia Haze growing this way


This is the 3rd auto out of the 7 I’ve grown so far that turned out weird looking. I have a perpetual going so I plant an auto about every 5 weeks. I start at 16/8 and go to 12/12 at about 4 weeks. It’s getting good light. LED @45 watts per sq ft. Bloom nutes as soon as it shows flowers and good environment at 65 to 75° temps. Also lots of air in and out and CO2 generators. The 2 blueberries I grew last time looked like this and both only produced 8g. Only Northern Lights has grown a normal looking plant.


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Do you have some pics of the younger plants?

The node spacing and bare branches suggest she stretched early. They are sativa dominant right? So they’re going to naturally take that shape a little anyway. But I suspect starting them under 16 hours may have a little to do with it. Aren’t most of they guys using that schedule still starting under more light and then lowering later? Also, which lights are over these?


I believe that is what happen when its ruderalis dominant plant. That plant is like a week away from being done. Its at least 90% ruderalis. It looks strong thoe.


The purple in the leaves is when that fats in the leaves change to feed the swell . i think you should split the stalk. And in 5 days go dark for 24 hrs.


Hi dear @Soilgrowth I too am currently growing amnesia also and we all know the characteristics of the plant honestly mate that plant might have been results of a bad seed or rooting problems hope this helps keep going don’t get discouraged there is lots of people here to help you out :v:


I will post you a photo of my Haze she is about 5 days in flower now and smelling beautiful already it getting late could you remind me just in case I forget mate.


One thing with autos is if u continue to give them veg. Nutes until they are in full flower. Bc an auto starts showing sex in 20-25 days thats about a 1/3 its life.
Give it a try on a few and see how it works, then switch to bloom nutes and you should see them grow bigger and bulk up better.
Also ILGM wwa is the cloest thing ive seen ever to the oldschool ww i was growing 10-12 yrs ago. And over 20 plants ive only had 2 that were more of a sativa looking phyno. I currently have like 10 aha and they didnt germ. As well and they grow much slower then the ww in the start but once all mine got some lst they blew up. Bigger plants then the wwa bigger leaves.


Autos are all different. Had some grow to 1 foot. Some grew 4.


There very different every time I grow them

white widow autos two different nutrients Remo is the big Girl and the smaller was nectar of the gods


@Soilgrowth It’s only 6weeks old at this point. It shouldn’t be anywhere near ready. I thought autos are 10 week plants. It’s not worth all the time and effort for 7-8gs to me if they turn out like this. @dbrn32, it was under the bloom light of a 300 watt LED in the flower room. I moved it into the veg room under 3000k led spots and 4’ t5 6400k 54w at 250 watts total for 18/6 hours just to see what it’s going to do. No pics of the younger plant. @Johnzy81 I’m not discouraged at all. I just don’t see using all of the resources it takes to grow a good plant to grow an auto that gives me a 8g at about $3 a gram. I’m growing 3 northern lights autos and 1 amnesia haze auto along with 3 each of the feminized chronic and white widows, Gold Leaf and Train Wreck clones this round. Thanks for the advice @Familyman420. I’m treating these next autos the same as fem so we’ll all see how they do. I’ll start a grow journal on them soon.


@skgrower I am one my 4th grow and it has always been female’s with Autoflowers Mixed grows so its always been 18/6 and switch to 12 /12 when they are ready in the time frame and progress of the plants and I will them move them to flowering room and thank god all has been good.


Is this bloom light all or mostly red?


@dbrn32 About 50/50 on the blue and red. One dozen 3000k 15watt LED spots and 3 x 54 watts of 6400k t5s. Also 2 x 4000k t5s. The gold leaf and train wreck clones I’m growing doubled in size since I put them under this veg fixture I made a week ago.


@skgrower this is just the way I run my lights and the lights that I use for germination I start off with fluorescent and then to HIDs 400w and after 2 weeks of veg I move to 600 HIDs and for flower 1000w HPS and its going great for me I grow my Autoflowers the same way my friend.


Nothing jumping out at me as a problem there. But if you get time to take a pic of how that’s all situated I’d really like to see. Just out of curiosity, if you don’t mind.

Off the top of your head do you remember her looking leggy before tryouts went to flower it?


I think you mean so they don’t stretch on me I keep them higher up standing on a base to equal the amount of light needed is that what you ment @dbrn32.


There sleeping right now I will post in about 1 and 1/2 hour @dbrn32 ok mate.


I was responding to @skgrower


Not any more than I wanted her to. I stretch fems a little on purpose. It helps get a better node spread. I just put more dirt on them. On autos I try to get them in 3 gallon smart pots asap.