Why iglm jus banned my girl

So ilgm banned me because they gave me 3 sets at 119$ discount it all went thru then they explained how it was an error n I got my 70$ back in two weeks… I then bough a pot for pot got a coupon tried buying n that’s y they r canceling me constantly they r trying to say I’m taking advantage of them when I only got what I paid for 1 auto mix for 159$ n some odd cents now I know why u keep canceling me cause u think my girl n I r trying to get over on ya how the hefk can we when we pay for what we got n u don’t accept ur coupons is that it

Mind u that was our first order the 3 it didn’t work n was explained bout the error OK then we got our auto mix for 159$ then finally got our 70$ back from the error n tried using a coupon from pot for pot hut yet we r dishonest n disloyal fuck this

Business it clear and clean. Keep it that way if you want to have long lasting relationship this is true in business and in life. Good luck in clearing things about with the company, they have the appropriate channels to take care and address the issue , but it takes two to get to a resolution … sucks to hear your having a bad experience

Yes it is I was in love with the site all the help knowledge an wisdom beautiful plants great people but bad support they r forgetting they already apologized for this n cleared it up so I think they sent the seeds out by mistake cause I have an email saying they are going too so if they do I would b more than happy to pay for the difference if the seeds truly show

Yeah just give it time and talk to them to make sure everything it’s clear , good luck :four_leaf_clover:, will wait your you on the other side bother