Why hasn't my purple bud turned purple any tips or thoughts

Colder my friend and keep it there till harvest :stew:

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Autos do great for an intermittent harvest. You could bring one all the way to harvest while your photoperiod plants are vegging.

Think about it…you will already be using the lights. While they may not yield as much per plant, a little is better than none. I will try to always have an auto going, now that I’ve seen what they can do.

As far as the colors, I purchased the Blueberry autos for the same reason. I don’t expect the Summer harvest to have that color, but the effects should remain consistent.



Nice looking plants! …if you can get your night temps below 65 for the final few weeks, and the colder the better, your buds will probably turn purple

  • best of luck

From the looks of your ladies you still have another week or 2 atleast and they may yet turn for you but they look like good healthy smoke so even if they don’t colour up you should be happy with your results none the less getting to a harvest is half the battle refining for colours is secondary


Yeah I’m in no rush I’ve took my time been patient for what seems like forever @yoshi told me to take my time back when they was in veg I did just that after getting help from people like @Paranorman with a yellow spot problem on the leafs on my old profile I put them to 12/12 and now were getting close, reason I cant get temps lower is I veg in the same room in a cupboard so the rooms constantly in use I was trying to get to a point where when harvest comes around I’ve got something to replace them with I went with ww so I’m stuck for this one il have to re arrange things next time i get some purp and try again the ww is going to have a scrog seen some peoples on here and it looks amazing its a must try for me

advice? Had to tie this one back have I over done it? Not enough light was getting to lower flowers she’s guna be a big gal


No your good these ladies can take a lot of bending look at mine she’s a WW auto


@Usmcjojo yo very artistic bit of beauty right there I like what you’ve done with her the one I’ve just spread open is sensi purple my ww are still in veg all I’ve done to them is top them I was thinking of adding a scrog to widows when do I add it when I switch to 12/12 their like 6wks old atm when switch over be around 2-2half month veg

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Thanks bro how tall are your widows I would do it when they reach 18-24inches then screen them wait a week keep working them on the screen then switch 12/12 if they are photos of autos no need to switch.

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sorry for poor picture quality there at a foot tall atm the one in the centre is unkown and around 2-3week from seed

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So I left the window open last night and temp just before lights on was 59 this morning this is what Il go with and see if i get some purp bud out of the girl’s in these last weeks wish me :four_leaf_clover::crossed_fingers:


gave first dose of over drive today 1/4 strength try fatten those buds abit more


That should work, I wouldn’t go much colder than upper 50s tho…

The colder it gets the more growth slows, so are you trading yield for color?


For this time I would prefer the colour its not all about biggest yield possible I’ve appreciated watching them grow in size and my theory is with me adding a little overdrive it shouldn’t slow too much tbh I wasn’t going to give them the overdrive as I’m already happy with how they’ve grew these last couple weeks they seemed to of just got real fat n frosty

If your happy with how they’ve grown the last couple weeks, a bit of overdrive will only make you happier. Especially using at 1/4 strength, won’t be doing any harm just a little booster to get them as fat as possible. Jacking it up to half strength would do no harm either :+1:

I did it quart strength just to test it see how they like it I’ve used big bud so far they loved it plumped them right out nicely so its safe at half strength I won’t have to do any extra flushing will i

If you haven’t been overdoing the nutrients throughout the grow then no you should be completely fine, but its up to you in the end. Less is more to a degree but to me 1/4 is a little too much on the less side, but they’re your ladies and your the one that can see the changes in them so feed them however you see fit :v: They’re looking great thats for sure

In veg they got a real small taste of Dutch a and Dutch b only for like one week tho in flower all they’ve had is big bud at 1/2 strength and now some overdrive I’m still learning so I haven’t over done it by been cautious maybe I’ve gave less then I could of or even should of I dunno, I’ve just gone off what I could see happening with them and ajusted small things like ph problems I was having and correct humidity il try half next feed see how they like it

I also forgot to mention that there is a product out there called ( purple maxx ) that’s supposed to bring out the colors of any strain…



@peachfuzz I didn’t know that cheers for the heads up il be looking into that for future