Why grow AUTOS?

Just wanted to get some insight on why people grow autos?

To me its fun having complete control of the grow from veg to flower. The timing and manipulation of growth has always been the exciting part.

There are some good growers that have a lot of success with autos. @Nicky is one of those growers. My hunch with new growers is that they grow autos believing that they are easier to grow.


They have a few few uses.
You can plant one outside in early spring and not have to wait till October for it to flower.
Pop one in the tent when you have a space but dont want it to take a lot of space plus it will start flowering no matter the light schedule.


I wise grower once told me he does it for variety…he can grow different strains in the same area and never have to worry about light schedule…just let em grow and harvest as needed


Fall season is cold and wet here, and photo plants naturally finishing in October are extremely likely to end up with some bud rot because of it. Growing autos started on same timeline will usually transition much faster and can be harvested as early as August in some occasions, which is usually still pretty dry.


Thanks for the reply yeah that makes sense. Ive always just ran photos, never ran fems or autos so i just wanted to get the different perspective.

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I am growing autos because I’m new, and I wanted something that would grow fairly quickly. First one finished in 13 weeks seed to harvest.

Now I have a bunch, and I’m slowly learning different techniques while developing what works best for me and the environment I created.

I’m growing 4 different strains atm and am looking forward to having a decent stash with some variety.

I have some photo seeds, they may well feature in my next grow, but we’ll see. Eventually I’ll grow them.

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I’m caught in the same dilemma.
Being new to growing, I started with autos.
My best run was 8.5 oz with 3 plants
I’m currently finishing a run with a Waikiki Queen photo which I failed miserably. Did not have ample temperature in room but live and learn.
Can you get more from photos then autos ?
Giving a span of 6 month grow time.


I usually get around 24 -32 oz give or take per 2 photo plants. Im not sure in regards to auto yields because ive never grown any…

Photos are super easy tho…

Theres only 2 phases (veg & flower).

So what u do is veg / grow them out to your desired size which usually 4-8 weeks w/ a light cycle of 18hrs on 6hrs off.

Once u have a achieved the size u would like then u would just simply switch the light cycle to 12hrs off and 12hrs on to initiate your flower period.

And thats it… Mother nature will do the rest as far as plant growth.

Nutrients are the same I believe… Veg nutes for veg, and bloom/flower nutes for flower.

Having full control over the plants really puts us in charge of the size and style of grow.

It allows u to ramp up things because u know exactly what the plants doing before each phaze.


For me the reason why I like to grow autos is its less stress you dont have to change light cycle they flower when they want to , and i like to push the limits with the training and fimming and just doing things that other people wont try or do with there autos and there fun to grow also i like growing plants in general


Most grow autos so they can grow alot different strains til they find the one there looking for but if i was a new grower i would start with photos there much easier to grow plus your learning much more if you’re grow environment


I see a lot of people who brag up the yields. I grow for me and me alone. I do not grow for quantity. I grow both photos and autos. I like autos as they flower on their own time. I like photos because there is more variety. A 7oz harvest can last me a little over a year. If I got 2 pounds I could quit growing for quite a while. I really just enjoy the hobby.


To me only thing makes an auto any easier is because u don’t have to switch timer times other than they r more of a PITA than a photo type

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I did my very first run with auto’s last year, with some photo’s outdoors, and they did finish way sooner, but the one’s that weren’t in the greenhouse still had bud rot pretty bad.
Now I’m doing a run indoor in coco, no worries about light change or light leaks. Super easy.


@Mestizo i run autos and like @dbrn32 said you can grown autos all season indoor and outdoor harvest i think is 3 times for sprint season i cant said about outdoor i don’t try but on indoor around 1 year i growing 7autos in 2x2x4 tent :grin:

Happy growing :green_heart::metal:

Nice man!

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Yes Ive alwasy seen the value n fun with growing photos frm start to finish. I definitely learned a lot real quick during the 1st run.

Check this out

Im proud of my grow with my semi cheap light


I dont even smoke so I gift all my flower to the relatives n homies. The process of growing is the enjoyment for me whether i grow a lot or a little. Pheno hunting and growing quality over quantity has always been what makes me most happy with my grows.

Im totally not one to brag ever so I apologize to everyone if any of my posts came off that way.


:call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand: thanks for the insight

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