Why Glass Jars? Why just 1-2 Quart Containers? ...Just Sayin'

I’m in Curing mode now and wonder -why- about a few things having to do with the container(s).
I can go buy a bunch of jars, or… I can put all my beautiful buds in a nice cooking pot with a brick sitting on top of the tight lid. And inside would be Boveda, a hygrometer, and da bud.

  1. Material:
    Glass or Metal - does it matter? I’m assuming the metal is clean and stainless steel or ceramic.

  2. Size:
    Does size matter? Why limit it to 1-2 quarts? As long as the RH is 62%±, does it matter that there is a quart of air in the container with the bud, or a gallon of air? If air is bad, why re-fill it with fresh air every day or every week?

  3. Air Tightness:
    With constant 62% RH, why not a trace amount of air circulation? Reading about high-quality cigar humidors, I find they require “minute amount of air circulation”. Cigar people are as picky as weed people are and have been into tracking and figuring out storage well before any of our grandparents got stoned (and I’m 64yrs old!).
    So if it’s good enough for high-end cigars, why not for high-end weed?

Just wondering… I need a little help understanding this stuff. Thanks.


Great questions! I’m curious about using a larger jar as well. I imagine it has something to do with internal moisture? Just a guess. There’s a BIG mason jar at a local 2nd hand store and I’d love to see it FULL of buds :green_heart:

  1. as long as it is air tight, I do not think it matters much…

  2. Doesn’t matter

  3. any constent air circulation will drain your humidity packs real quick (costly)

But I am far from an expert, please wait for more opinions…


I cure in any size jar, I just leave space and don’t stack the buds in tight to the top of the jar.

Also, tobacco is not a flower, it’s a leaf. The goal with curing is to make whatever the product is being cured, uniformly dry. A leaf will take slightly different tactics to be uniformly dry than a flower will.

Honestly, I think you could probably cure weed just like tobacco and still get a decent smoke. To cure, is to preserve and there is not just one way to preserve marijuana. Uniform dryness achieved through slow drying, if you can do this then it doesn’t matter how you did it?


The jar is ideal for getting the moisture out of the center of the bud. Also the glass curve reduces trichome damage


Jars are ideal especially for your own stash…
I have 20-25 pounds of top shelf bud for market curing in bpa free food grade buckets with special lids with rubber bands for air tight close…

My own medicine I cure in jars as well…:wink::wink::wink:


@Hoyt I think you’re supposed to use smaller containers in case of mold/mildew/rot if it does happen, it only happens to a smaller amount and doesn’t ruin a large amount. I personally have mine in glass jars. I’m a bit worried about the light it receives, so I have it squirreled away in a dark closet. I’m sure you should keep it dark. I think. Hope this helps.

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Curing tobacco involves stacking hands into stacks and fermenting it to convert tar and sugars over time. Kind of a different process which includes heating and venting and aging for sometimes up to 25 years. Just FYI.

People with large harvests regularly store in Homers. THAT would be a good problem haha!

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Right on, ya I’m not familiar with tobacco curing at all, I know they intentionally make it brown. That’s about it.

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I don’t smoke cigars any more but used to be involved in the industry. It’s actually pretty interesting. A lot of tradition and many similarities between wine and cigars.

But I’m a beer drinker so what do I know haha.


I’m a beer drinker too, I don’t live too far from shiner, tx and they make am awesome beer in that little town


Is it not true as you have your buds inside the jar that if you flip the lid, air can circulate, after a few weeks you turn the lid the other way to preserve it??? Just wondering, I’m and ole guy as well and usually can get six to eight jars to rotate… first few weeks I let them dry in the jar with flipped lids until hard flowers are hard and dry, and the smell improves, more like perfume and less like fresh cut grass, then like fine wine sips are aloud… cheers…

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i grind my buds up after cure, than i put the powder in a jar. its easier to shake and help with the chlorphil .

It doesn’t have to be a jar but it should be a container that your marijuana cannot absorb anything from food grade plastic buckets (anything BPA free really) with air tight Lids also work that’s what we are using for our 18 massive plants because you would just need way too many jars it’s not possible we’ve tried now for the smaller grow at my house I use big gallon jars because they’re easiest and put the Boveda 69%packs in them and the buckets
Also it doesn’t have to be dark as long as you are letting them get air I dump each jar once a day let them sit an hour with lids off then repeat daily

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I’m so cheap.

Dry dog food bags washed out with h2o2.