Why fluffy buds?

I have question why did my weed come out fluffy and alittle lighter then expected. Seems real fluffy. I grew gold leaf in greenhouse no lights during flower. I used fox farms ocean soil, ilgm nutrients pack. It grew good no problems dryed it for 8 days untel branches were able to snap or bend, put in grove bags last night when I trimmed them they were very very sticky but fluffy. I’m getting ready to do a indoor grow in my tent with dream queen and I don’t want the same results. What did I do wrong?

The only reason I have is lighting. That was my problem. But, oh my, it made lots of great butter


Poor lighting can result in airy buds. If they were overdried, or dried too fast then they can be airy, as well. If you have a small hygrometer ,drop one in a bag of buds for a couple hours, and see what the rh is.


As said - its the lighting. The type of light, intensity, and distance can each have an effect. How was the inter nodal spacing, I suspect these were spread out and far apart?

I aim for a slightly more bluish tint in germination and veg and then turn to more red (600) + far red (700) at flower (bloom) and use UV to bring out more terps at the end of flower.


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Welcome to the group. Thanks for asking this question…we all learn that way. I wondered all the factors that cause this. I got some Gold Leaf from a friend that was very loose and airy…still got a good buzz…but you could tell it was not solid. I have two Gold Leafs in flower right now. I am pounding them with light so I hope mine will be nice and tight.


Just out of curiosity, were these autos? They often come out fluffy too. Light is the other and probably more important factor though


Not autoflowers

Welcome! I noticed that with GG. Everyone said it should be dense and sticky buds. I grew one inside and two outdoors. Thankfully, my family is happy to grind and smoke!


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It seems they got you all sorted out. Welcome to the forum @Ej its a great place to learn and share your progress!

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Fluffy. Not Gabriel Iglesias fluffy,but the other kinds.

Short story-check your medium

Long story-I have conducted this test for several seasons outside/outdoors with maximum 9 hrs direct sun, the rest of the day indirect. Residential area, trees, etc. Prevented more saturation.
When I recycled my soil and also fed the proper food per growing (top dressing veg,flower) stage-I saw the difference. One season i was curious how the recipe420 soil managed alone,no supplements or cover crops. Airy and fluffy.
The next season .Same soil from previous season. I left the stump and remaining roots intact. I grew cover crops in the offseason.I grew clover along with the main plant. Saw a little difference.
This season was the same recycled soil,and I managed to add quality compost on top of the dry ferts I top dressed with. This ranged from 2-4 week intervals. I got mild ferts to allow frequency and not burn.

I also fixed my irrigation this season. Automated tubing and sprayers. Kept medium at perfect moisture via trial and error. For me, 25 gallon rainscience bags, 6 minute feedings at 0600hrs daily.

I did many experiments in the name of understanding the process better. Once I understood the soil food web better-my nugs were heavier and dense. I kept genetics as close as possible each time although there was some variation. Blue Dream,Chocolope,Tiramasu were the three guinea pigs-over several seasons.

Happy growing!
SL out.

I use a 600rspec+150uv in a 4x4 and keep the temps just under 79°… buds are always dense… gentic variations like sativas/leaning will fluff a tad… skittles dense

Gold leaf slight fluff

Same grow, mind you… So gentics can factor fo sho