Why Eating Brownies DIDN'T cure my cancer


Wishing you the best brother :+1:


Thank you for sharing your results and your situation. I’m sorry to hear about it but I do believe you are on the right track. Good luck I hope it all works out well. Keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I will be following a long to watch how this works. Good luck and bless.


Are you planning on making RSO for your father?

Thanks you @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @Kcdaniels @neckNflu for you words of encouragement. I will keep everyone updated when I find out the results in April. Its really not that far away


@MAXHeadRoom unfortunately my dad is not onboard with my growing. Even if it’s for my migraines. He had is prostate removed to remove any doubt later in life.
I know he used to be frequent consumer but I think due to his employment he realizes employment is important too.


We’re all here in your corner rooting for you. I lost my brother not that long ago to cancer. One of the last things he was excited about was getting his card. I’ll be praying for you my friend and watching.


Oh I am so sorry you lost your brother before he could try this treatment.

All I have to say is learn how to make oil. EVERYONE! There will be some time in your life that either you will get cancer or someone close to you will get cancer. Guaranteed!

And wouldn’t it be the greatest gift if you could offer this treatment to them for FREE!

I could profit from this endeavor if I chose to, but isn’t it better to save someones life then having a pocket full of money.

So I challenge everyone who has an excess amount of product to make at least one 60 gram dose to give away to that needy person.


You mentioned that you were making capsules …where are you purchasing them ??
That’s my next project to learn how to make the oil :sunglasses:
I think that’s a great idea to make the oil and pass it on …

I know I wish I knew about the oil when my Dad had melanoma…took a very active and healthy man in less than a year …


I purchased the empty pill capsules from walmart.

NOW brand, Double “00” Gelatin caps, Approx. 750 count $11.98

Hope this helps :sunglasses:


Hey thanks…I didn’t know they carried such a thing :ok_hand::sunglasses:


Where do we begin? I’m growing some high cbd/low thc plants just to manage the daily aches and pains and still be able to function at a reasonable level, like, drive a car or prepare dinner without forgetting to turn the oven on…or off. I’ve got a few oil recipes, care to share yours? Glad you’re blasting the big C to hell where it belongs.


Sorry to hear about your condition. @DieHigh55

The next time I make oil, which should be this week, I will document everything with pictures so it will be easy to follow. I will make sure I tag you when it is complete.

What strain are you growing and is this your first grow? Do you have a grow journal?


Oh, don’t worry about me @MAXHeadRoom, I don’t have anything serious just the usual aches and pains accompanying a 60+ body. I’m growing 2 Dynafems (high cbd), one in coco one in soil for the comparison and Blue Dream In soil for FUN. Been doing this awhile but I’ve never learned so much as I have here. The plants are just under a month old so my journal isn’t really interesting yet, but I’m planning on mainlining the BD as soon as @TxGrowman finishes shooting all the wild pigs in Texas ( I’m following his journal). I’d really appreciate seeing your oil lessons, my wife uses cbd daily and really likes it, but it’s getting harder and harder to get in backwards Belgium, hence, DIY.


Will be watching ! :+1: been making brownies but have not made oil yet :sunglasses:


@MAXHeadRoom I just read about your fight with cancer. I am 100% on your side and supporting for you. I have a good friend that is a Korea and Vietnam vet and is now fighting cancer. He was talking to me after his first chemo failed and I think I had him talked into trying cannabis but his family talked him out of fit and would not let me see him for a while until he started another type of chemo.

I want to keep close look on this and hope you can give me some positive news for him. I am anxiously looking for your oil post. I am doing a journal on Mainlining (or Manifold) to increase output in a small space. It might help you increase your yield in future grows. My journal is The Force is Strong in this one!

@DieHigh55 I just updated my journal and have stopped the pig eradication until I get some more freezer space. She is going fine !


I was just reading your thread this morning @TxGrowman. I am interested in mainlining.

I can’t believe how narrow minded some people are with this treatment. Everyone who is against it has no idea how it works. They are all thinking we just set around and get high. well I have specifically designed my treatment so I don’t get high. It would be a shame for your friend to suffer or even die because of their ignorance. I get so mad at people like that. God designed humans and he also designed this plant to heal the body when something is wrong. Its just a plant. It will not hurt you. Ever!!!

I set to watching on your thread. I will tag you on the oil post when completed.


@MAXHeadRoom, yep its a shame. My 84 year old father has Prostate Cancer and he refuses to try any type of cannibas treatments. He doesn’t know I grow but he knows I used to smoke. His reply when i asked if he would try it he said nope. “I won’t do anything illegal, plus I don’t want to hallucinate and do something stupid like jump off a cliff.” I told him, you will have several glasses of wine and drive. I just had to move on, he’s not going to change his mind. Good luck guys.


Appreciate the tag on your oil post. My Mainline is going to be a big grower it looks like. I now have 16 bud sites that should turn into colas. That is a LOT of pot for a small space like I have.

The real trouble with using cannabis is that Big Pharm is putting all the money into the drugs that don’t work and paying off congress and above to not legalize cannabis so they can keep their money coming in. Never mind the many people that never have a chance to use the natural alternative that China and many other countries have used for Centuries.

Wish you all the best in your battle to beat the cancer. Praying for you. :us::man_farmer:


Thanks @TxGrowman I truly believe God gave us this plant to cure our ailments. Its a shame that people are dying over greed and money. At least my state gave me permission to heal myself and gave me the chose and not the government.


amen @MAXHeadRoom


Yes they are :triumph:. And also they believe this plant is like heroine and you can get addicted… Narrow minds.