Why Eating Brownies DIDN'T cure my cancer

Hey thanks…I didn’t know they carried such a thing :ok_hand::sunglasses:


Where do we begin? I’m growing some high cbd/low thc plants just to manage the daily aches and pains and still be able to function at a reasonable level, like, drive a car or prepare dinner without forgetting to turn the oven on…or off. I’ve got a few oil recipes, care to share yours? Glad you’re blasting the big C to hell where it belongs.


Sorry to hear about your condition. @DieHigh55

The next time I make oil, which should be this week, I will document everything with pictures so it will be easy to follow. I will make sure I tag you when it is complete.

What strain are you growing and is this your first grow? Do you have a grow journal?


Oh, don’t worry about me @MAXHeadRoom, I don’t have anything serious just the usual aches and pains accompanying a 60+ body. I’m growing 2 Dynafems (high cbd), one in coco one in soil for the comparison and Blue Dream In soil for FUN. Been doing this awhile but I’ve never learned so much as I have here. The plants are just under a month old so my journal isn’t really interesting yet, but I’m planning on mainlining the BD as soon as @TxGrowman finishes shooting all the wild pigs in Texas ( I’m following his journal). I’d really appreciate seeing your oil lessons, my wife uses cbd daily and really likes it, but it’s getting harder and harder to get in backwards Belgium, hence, DIY.


Will be watching ! :+1: been making brownies but have not made oil yet :sunglasses:


@MAXHeadRoom I just read about your fight with cancer. I am 100% on your side and supporting for you. I have a good friend that is a Korea and Vietnam vet and is now fighting cancer. He was talking to me after his first chemo failed and I think I had him talked into trying cannabis but his family talked him out of fit and would not let me see him for a while until he started another type of chemo.

I want to keep close look on this and hope you can give me some positive news for him. I am anxiously looking for your oil post. I am doing a journal on Mainlining (or Manifold) to increase output in a small space. It might help you increase your yield in future grows. My journal is The Force is Strong in this one!

@DieHigh55 I just updated my journal and have stopped the pig eradication until I get some more freezer space. She is going fine !


I was just reading your thread this morning @TxGrowman. I am interested in mainlining.

I can’t believe how narrow minded some people are with this treatment. Everyone who is against it has no idea how it works. They are all thinking we just set around and get high. well I have specifically designed my treatment so I don’t get high. It would be a shame for your friend to suffer or even die because of their ignorance. I get so mad at people like that. God designed humans and he also designed this plant to heal the body when something is wrong. Its just a plant. It will not hurt you. Ever!!!

I set to watching on your thread. I will tag you on the oil post when completed.


@MAXHeadRoom, yep its a shame. My 84 year old father has Prostate Cancer and he refuses to try any type of cannibas treatments. He doesn’t know I grow but he knows I used to smoke. His reply when i asked if he would try it he said nope. “I won’t do anything illegal, plus I don’t want to hallucinate and do something stupid like jump off a cliff.” I told him, you will have several glasses of wine and drive. I just had to move on, he’s not going to change his mind. Good luck guys.


Appreciate the tag on your oil post. My Mainline is going to be a big grower it looks like. I now have 16 bud sites that should turn into colas. That is a LOT of pot for a small space like I have.

The real trouble with using cannabis is that Big Pharm is putting all the money into the drugs that don’t work and paying off congress and above to not legalize cannabis so they can keep their money coming in. Never mind the many people that never have a chance to use the natural alternative that China and many other countries have used for Centuries.

Wish you all the best in your battle to beat the cancer. Praying for you. :us::man_farmer:


Thanks @TxGrowman I truly believe God gave us this plant to cure our ailments. Its a shame that people are dying over greed and money. At least my state gave me permission to heal myself and gave me the chose and not the government.


amen @MAXHeadRoom


Yes they are :triumph:. And also they believe this plant is like heroine and you can get addicted… Narrow minds.


Not narrow minds, closed off not thinking minds.

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Cancer is many, many different diseases, All depends on the specific mutations and the tissue those occur in. Cannabis might cure some types, not cure others, but it’s certainly worth a try because it has never harmed anybody.

On the other hand, cannabis certainly does help with chemo side effects. Cures nausea, restores your appetite, anti-inflammatory, improves your outlook and thus improves your immune system. That’s why I would recommend any cancer patient take the full course of chemo, but help your body handle it with cannabis.

It may also get the cannabinoid metabolic pathway in your brain back to youthful function by getting rid of accumulated amyloid plaques in neurons.

And it does all sorts of good things for my MS. My scarred brain just seems to work better with a little THC in it. It helps suppress my muscle cramps. It makes my numb feet feel better. Diminishes fake “full bladder” signals. Improves my lousy sense of balance. And even works better “in the bedroom” than some expensive pills that last way longer than anybody would want. So much for my sense of dignity! But I sincerely urge anybody with MS to try it.


I would not recommend intervienious chemo treatment to anybody. I have known 2 people that had these treatments and when their cancer returned they chose not to take a second round of treatment because of the damage that it does on your body. It is pure poison They both end up dying. They both would rather die then go through the misery of the side effects of the medicine.

I originally started out on an oral treatment and it was effective in shrinking my tumors for 5 years. Then the cancer cells mutated and it became ineffective. Since then I have tried 5 other types of oral chemo. Three where ineffective and the last 2 nearly killed me. The last one I tried gave me blood clots in my legs in just 5 days.

All these treatments are very dangerous and most will do more damage to your body then they are helping. But the choose is up to you.


Damn Max, you’re one strong Mofo. You are bad ass in my book with your all time up beat good attitude. If we live long enough I suspect everyone will eventually experience some sort of cancer. That’s just the nature of things right now. Hopefully that will change. My prayers are with ya.


Sorry for your bad experiences with chemo. Nothing is 100%. Statistically, it helps more than it hurts but your mileage will vary. My niece got non-Hodgkins lymphoma and went the conventional super-chemo followed by immune system replacement route, and is cancer-free after more than 10 years.

I really hope you find a cannabis treatment that works for you.


I’m just along for the ride. God is my pilot. I should have been dead 5 years ago. So God has a purpose left for me and I’m hoping it is helping people with cancer. I’m the ginny pig right now, but if it works then I will have my testimonial.
No sense in crying over something you have no control over.


No sense in crying over something you have no control over.

And we all end up there in the end, no matter what you do, how rich you are, saint or sinner. As Jesus said: “Try to be nice to each other.”


There is a lot of very good info in the thread below…
Best of luck with your journey mate.