Why Eating Brownies DIDN'T cure my cancer

As many of you know, who have been following my threads, that I have cancer and have been using marijuana to try to cure it. Originally I was going to make RSO (rick Simpson Oil) and I did make one batch and while I was cleaning up I would lick my fingers and ingest the oil. Little did I know but I must have ingested quite a bit. I was so high for a day and a half and could not function at all. I didn’t want to be that high again. So I figured that I would have to get the medicine in me a different way. I smoked for a while, but that just got me anxious.

Then I made a batch of brownies. I decarboxylated an ounce of weed and mixed it into a off the shelf fudge brownie mix. I cut the brownies into 28 separate pieces so there would be 1 gram of weed in each brownie. One whole brownie was way to much for me, so I found I could tolerate 1 half brownie a day. So on Oct 1, 2017 I started my treatment plan of 1 half brownie a day. I did this for 3 and a half months.

The true test would be the CT scan which I had on 1/11/2018. Out of the four tumors that I knew I had, all four grew larger and another small tumor showed up that wasn’t there before. Needless to say I was devastated by the results. Why didn’t this work? I thought it would have shrunk the tumors a little bit. These results where worst then taking chemo.

So I had to figure what went wrong. After some soul searching and reading up on RSO. I came to the conclusion that I was not getting enough medicine in my body. Eating half a brownie a day was just not enough. I needed to ingest 1 gram of oil a day over a period of 90 days to cure my cancer.

I had made oil before but it was so messy and hard to work with. But with a little tweaking of my methods I was able to get 5 grams an ounce of oil per 1 oz of weed. I was very happy. Now how to get this oil in me without getting to high. There was a method that claimed it wouldn’t get you high. Suppositories! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Not the dreaded suppositories. Well it had to be tried so I took 0.25 grams of oil and put it in a empty capsule and up the out door it went. After a few hours I felt nothing. Great! it worked. And I did not get high. Plus this is the most effective way to ingest the medicine.

So now my daily regiment is 0.5 grams of oil in the morning and 0.5 grams at night and thats one days dosage.

So out of 6oz I got over 30 grams of oil and I have enough product to make the additional 30 grams for the whole treatment, thanks to the wonderful people here that helped me with my first 2 grows. My U of M doctors are totally on board with this treatment and I think they are as excited as I am to see the results. The new plan is to finish the oil treatment then get another CT scan and see where we are at. I am being optimistic about the treatment this time and praying that it works.

I know I told several people I would let them know the results so I hope I don’t forget anyone.

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I hope this is the ticket for you bud! However it works out, really appreciative of the time and effort you’re putting in, and sharing all of your findings with us. From the meds, to the lights and aero systems. Not hard to tell you’re a top notch guy. So whatever happens, keep fighting the good fight! And I’m sure I speak for many when I say we’ll be here for you.


WOW @MAXHeadRoom, had been following along with things but I did miss that. I am so sorry you are dealing with this but I sure can see that you are approaching it like a champ, staying positive, and doing what needs to be done. I hope you will continue to keep us updated. (((hugs))) and healing thoughts and prayers to help that RSO do its job!
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I completely agree with @dbrn32. Just from chatting on here with you, I want you to succeed in this along with everything else. Stay strong bud and I’m always around to chat if you want to. Peace and love brother


Thanks for the support and all the help you have given me and others in this forum. Being on the forefront of LED technology you have taught me and others how valuable great lighting can be. In a few short months we should be seeing the results of every ones hard work . Exciting times.


Thanks @FreakyDeekie I have been living with this for 10 years and I truly believe God has sent me on this path to heal myself and then have the testimony to help others in there quest to cure their cancer.


Thanks @MattyBear I appreciate your support. I am also very excited for you on how successful your grow is going with the QB boards. You are killing it and I do learn something from most of you just by watching and reading your post.


A purpose greater than ourselves is what keeps us going @MAXHeadRoom. I admire you


So sorry to hear about your first try :disappointed_relieved:. My father has lung cancer and I know how hard is this disease, now the doctor change his :pill: (80$ a pill OMG, but are free for him thank you God) and put him in a new program, his felling a little better but…
I can’t share my meds with him because it’s a old school guy and…
I really hope this try out will be ended with a good news for you :+1:


@MAXHeadRoom do you use, or have you considered using, something like a Magic Butter machine? I think if you are regularly making edibles and wanting to get a consistent dosage it - and keep it relatively not messy - it might be worth the investment. I know a few folks over in the lab use them to make infused coconut oil and take it in capsule form.


I haven’t tried that method yet but it sounds good for a maintenance dose.


I just read your post and am wishing you luck brother, hoping this course of action works for you @MAXHeadRoom glad you posted your results, may help others out… prayers heading your way


@MAXHeadRoom don’t EVER give in!
you can beat this!
i’m hoping the change up heals the tumors…
if it doesn’t try something else.


Look into it, So Worth it and the Coconut extract pills dose nice.


Hoping for the best for you. I have a buddy whose wife is using the RSO, both suppositories and drops, for her brain cancer. So far the tumor is shrinking and she is already past her life expectancy. She does a 2:1 cbd/thc mix, and so far the doctors are surprised at the results, but none will say it is the RSO making her better…

Keep up the good fight man, and never surrender :v:


@MAXHeadRoom Hi Max, I’m new here but have been reading your posts and you are clearly a Warrior!! You didn’t allow the brownie flail to stop you. You marched forward to the RSO which is the big ticket for curing cancer…I am by no means giving medical advice but I am familiar with the oil… have made it a few times myself for chronic pain (when i had the product to do so) and yes it’s messy and time consuming but so worth the trouble. I’m just a retired/disabled RN who cares about people. I’ve also diligently researched/studied this magnificent plant we are all so passionate about…and still learning. I’ve lost many people I love to this Invader (CA) so thank the heavens for marijuana!! Just want to share with you a couple success stories; My sisters boyfriend is a longtime grower - 50+ - years… he had late stage Prostate Cancer…was doing the Chemo route for awhile…wasn’t working so he began making the RSO… he was dosing at 3 gms daily in 3 divided doses … 4 months later he was/still is 100% cancer free. The doctors were astonished!!! He is now treating his daughter in-law with stage 4 breast cancer with that same dosage…2 months have passed and her tumors have diminished in size by almost 2/3 what they were.! My sister doses 3 gms daily for chronic pain and to ward off genetic skin cancer. Perhaps now that you’ve developed some tolerance to the oil, you could increase your intake in small increments. How this man “titrates” people to the oil to avoid the extreme euphoria; 1/2 the size of long grain rice 3x day for about a week then the entire length of the rice 3x day…and so on until they are consuming 3 gms daily (modifications as needed).He also puts the doses on a small piece of bread between their cheek or under tongue to avoid the bitter taste. I hope this helps somewhat. You are in my thoughts and Healing Prayers. You’ve Got This – I have faith!!! And you’ve got a lot of people who care…are Praying for you. Power in numbers! :wink:


Thank you so much for your update :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m sorry that the brownies didn’t work out but I know you’re a fighter and I’m praying for better results with the current plan.
I can’t say much more as I am pretty emotional about this subject as you know. I just want to hug you :hugs:


Well we can do a internet hug. Hug, hug hug hug hug, squeeze hug hug hug. I know its not the same but will have to do. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you so much for your kind words and also the encouragement I got from reading your testimonials. Currently I do not have enough product to make and take 3 grams a day. but I do have enough to make the 60 grams which they claim will cure your cancer. So I am having faith that this amount will do the trick.

Thank you @Ron330 for your words of encouragement. I hope it works for your buddys wife.

Also thank you @Zombo @Bogleg @BIGE @M4ur @FreakyDeekie @crazyots for your words of encouragement


@MAXHeadRoom I recall your battle with cancer, and my thoughts and prayers will continue your way. I’ve lost my uncle to a rare form of cancer, and my dad has battled prostate cancer. Cancer is no joke, and I’m a firm believer in cannabis as a form of treatment. Please keep us posted on your results, and I really hope that you beat this, and live a healthy life.


@MAXHeadRoom sorry the brownies didn’t seem to work :frowning_with_open_mouth: but I believe you are on the right track with the the oil…
Praying that this new path will be the cure !!!

Thank you so much for posting your findings as it helps other people such as me who are trying to find ways to help with pain, cancer and other illnesses …
Will be following along…