Why doesn't anyone use miracle grow?

i just watched miracle grow’s new commercial for their new “organics” soil that they guarantee double the output. i have not seen anyone on the forums who use miracle grow. Why is that?

The part they don’t show in the commercial;
“ Up to 2X more bounty guaranteed (vs. unfed plants)” ok, who’s not feeding their plants?

Looks like they’re still using time release. On the back of the bag it says something like nitrogen slowly available.

And there are just a lot better soils formulated for MJ.


Most there products are not geared for marijuana. The time released nutrients are off as well. Too much nitrogen left when it is flowering time. Unless you vegg for 6 months


This will really mess up a grow, especially when you’re trying to flush out excess nitrogen before flower, and it releases MORE nitrogen because of the time release.


ah ha, thanks guys, now i remember seeing something about the time thing

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It’s not impossible to grow with miracle grow FYI, I’ve grown half pound plants with it myself.

This woman is one of the best 5gallon bucket growers I’ve ever seen and miracle grow is all she uses


wow, ty for that thread @TDubWilly. i don’t have the time to go the whole thing right now but i’m thru 70 posts and bm’d it to continue. what a neat lady!


Np @monkman

I’m not advocating for MG by the way. Me being a hydro guy myself I like to have total control over the grow and you lose a little bit of that control trying to do quick turn around harvest with MG so I shy away from it, I’m simply saying it can be done and I think as mentioned above is probably better suited to growing large plants that spend significant amounts of time in veg.


What about composted chicken litter?


As long as it’s composted you’re good. @Saltydog

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I’m am a newby. Still in the planning stage.
Any ideas on how to use the litter? Percentages vs base soil? What else should I add?What’s a good base soil? I seen some happy frog at the local co- op.

welcome to the forums @Saltydog. great place to learn how to grow pot, lots of friendly people with loads of experience.

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It contains time release nutes that aren’t necessarily appropriate for cannabis cultivation.

Also, it was bought out by Monsanto/Bayer.


I got a bag of this just to check it out. It is omri certified .the npk values are low . I put a clone in 10 gal super soil. I put about a 2 in layer of mg organic on top of the ss and planted the clone in a small pocket of the mg. The clone did fine. It’s hit the ss now (it’s kind of hot) and its tweaking a little.

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I’m starting my compost with my chickens/grass/leaves etc now so I can have it for next year when I do outdoor grows. I would think the key is layers set it up for the different stages of the grow.

I’ve been using MG perlite for clones and it works pretty well. It has a tiny bit of fertilizer

I use it and my plants have went crazy with it after I transplanted into it trick to when it comes to flowering especially right before you harvest is to use more water than usually it will flush out the excess nitrogen that the plants don’t need from the soil with out over watering the plant it has great drainage and I haven’t used as much nutrients as I have before in my other grows I did out doors


Between the owners of MG and Scotts. They are quietly buying up allot of the companies that make products for growing pot


Such as General Hydroponics, Gavitas, and Botanicare.


Thanks for that @blackthumbbetty. Didn’t realize the scope of this. Better start making seeds for future.
Peace for now. :v: