Why does my super skunk not smell skunky?

From a fellow grower: Super skunk, feminized, indoor,soil, 6.5 to 7., General hydro, 1000hps,78 day and 65 night, great vent, basement grow, no humidifier,2 de- humidifiers, no CO2. The plant is extremely healthy, it does smell but not skunky,


Possibly not enough sulfur in her diet , rub the stem right below a bud then smell your fingers and that’ll be closer to what the terps will end up being.


Neither do mine :frowning:

My last grow was super skunk and I did not get a skunk smell
More of a bubblegum sweet smell and not very loud.


I tried not to do this again today :person_shrugging:

Been chasing the skunk of old 80’s 90"s for years. This year I grew super skunk in hopes…nope. Since then I’ve been told it’s skunk #1 I’m looking for :person_shrugging:

Anywho, in all my search’s of different seed banks I have found some to be truthful that some skunk strains don’t smell like skunk and have a citrus smell…I dunno about that either…

First year ever ordering seeds, always grew from bag seed. I do know once I had the plant i want now. It stunk like a skunk from 30 yards away. Even when dried and double bagged there was no hiding the smell and that taste :yum:

Next year I’mma try skunk #1 … but I’m not counting on it being the same…


I bet if you grew 10 Skunk #1s from seed you would find the pheno you are somewhat looking for. Maybe :wink:


I’ll be buying every skunk #1 from every breeder / seed bank I can get. Though at this point my hopes are not to high.

I think if it still exists someone would be growing it. I’ve been asking my guys for years for some skunk. Now I’m specifically asking them for skunk #1 … Nothing yet…

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True north. Sensi seeds and dutch passion all have skunk #1 true north is 12 and change for 1 seed up to 25 seeds didn’t look at prices at other 2 but they all 3 have skunk 1

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I had the super skunk and mine didnt smell that skunky it had a good smell but not that strong it was only after it dried and cured it smelt better

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Very disappointing…


Smell was not what expected but the smoke was pretty good
I just chopped a Jack herrer and she smells super dank and super frosty slot more than I expected,turned out to be a strain that I will definitely keep growing

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I am disappointed myself. I am currently getting ready to harvest Super Skunk Auto from ILGM and there is no skunk smell at all. I too was chasing the skunk of the 80’s smell.
These plants have no resemblance of Skunk weed, they are pretty but not skunky.
I have recently read that the smell was bred out because of the law and crooks. Let’s continue to get these laws changed and get tuff on crooks who want to steal our crops.
Let’s breed the skunkiness back into skunk. If we don’t it aint skunk call it bunk or whatevever but no one should call this skunk if it is missing original skunk traits. I also had skunk No. 1 from a dispensary. I saw the menu and noticed skunk no. 1 on it. I raved about this weed to my neighbor and told him war stories about the skunk of the 80’s. When I opened the container, no skunk smell at all. Even the effects were depleted and I was disappointed and embarrassed for pumping up a strain with no idea that it had been ruined!

As you probably can tell I am a 80’s skunk junky. Sam where you at bring my skunk back

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