Why does my plant keep doing this?

Not sure what im doing wrong, its leaves keep curling down. Does anyone haveany ideas or suggestions? Id appreciate it a bunch


Drooping of leaves, usually will indicate a watering issue. Your soil looks relatively dry, which may be the issue. With a plant at this stage of growth, you should water in a circle a couple of inches around plant. There’s also a possibility that you have watered to much, so depending on which you believe it is, adjust your watering habits.


One other possibility is, leaves will droop towards end of light cycle and before lights on. So if they perk up during light cycle you have nothing to worry about.


Bulldogs got ya covered

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Yep what that HOF’er :arrow_up: said rings true with me too lol!!! Downward curling that’s not end of day droop related tends to be an overwatering symptom with seedlings


So difficult to not water. @Bulldognuts has mentioned a difficult to learn signal (tired, end of day, stressed a little). I usually over-water, especially in this cold, they drink less.


I’ve found that when plants are in early veg stages, letting them get a little dry, isn’t as harmful as when they get further along especially when they are in flower. I learned the hard way, when they are flowering “when in doubt” go ahead and water. I once decided to wait on watering until the next day, that was a mistake. When I opened the tent the next day, 2 of the girls were nearly dead. My second mistake was trying to save them. They recovered, but hermied on me and pollinated my other ladies :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I have reduced to 3’s and 5’s. Strangely the 3’s under-weigh the 5’s, respectively.
So, the lift method must be employed. Admittedly, I over-watered, again. Watered, then did the re-veg plan and didn’t reduce the watering routine. The cold hit causing hours and temps to go bonkers. Still, I will practice water-boarding them, Good growing to you