Why does my 1st harvest not get me High

Strain Strawberry cheese cake
Used fox farm products
All nature organic soil
Harvested at 6wks of flowering (due to rot)
Dried for 7 days
Been in jars for 2 weeks 60% rh 73*

Taste is ok
No buzz

I have a second at 8 1/2 wks
25% amber.

Did i do something wrong.

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Harvesting early dramatically reduces the Amount and potency of Thc.


Early harvest and zero mature trichomes will do that. Sorry for your loss. I’ve been there.


Thank you Sir

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Focus all your energy into the last one. Get her to the finish line and you’re golden. Outdoor really is a test of will and patience.


wow never heard that before, long time ago we were desperate for a buzz took some leaves dried em smoked it tasted awful but gave us a little buzz, cant imagine bud not giving at least a little buzz. You must have avery high tolerance. I havent smoked in years only digest.

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