Why does everyone like FFOF and Happy Frog but not organic MG?

The FFOF NPK is .30 .45 .05 and the Happy Frog is 5-7-3. I was looking on miracle gro organic potting soil and it’s NPK is .19 .03 .03. I wouldn’t think the MG would be that harmful because it’s NPK is close to the middle of the other two. Thanks… and appreciate any info.

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Does the MG have time release fertilizers in it?

All the Miracle Grow Organics line has time release plant food.
Says on the bag “Feeds 3 Months” or similar.
Those nutrients are not completely cannabis friendly.

Yeah, but doesn’t all 3 have time release ferts?

MG and cannabis don’t get along so well, but some get away with it.

MG time-release nutes present 2 main problems.

  1. Your plants get nuked with nutes every time you water.

  2. MG submarines your pH every time you water.

That’s what I’m looking at. I thought FF was time released also?

Not the same, miracle grow products release fertilizer every time you water. And you cant flush them out. If you try to flush all you do us activate more fertilizer. The others are built up with ingredients like supersoil is, rather than adding fertilizer prill

FF is not time relesae and it is also pH buffered for cannabis.

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This is a good question that I didn’t understand at first either.
I learned that cannabis nutrient needs change dramatically once it changes from veg to flower mode.
If it had consistent needs a time release fertilizer in the soil would be easy to formulate. But with the needed change Fox farms soils are perfect. Enough natural composted ingredients to get you thru 3 or 4 weeks and then you take over with whatever nutes you need. You have complete control to adjust to each plant.

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I have a PH and TDS tester. I’m going to try it because I’ve already bought the MG soil it was the only local potting soil that I could find. I’ll just go by the looks of my girls and see what happens. First indoor grow, but many outdoor grows… Wish me luck.


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I was planning on going FF Trio 1/4 ferts after around 30 days.

One month old and plain Reverse Osmosis water with a little calmag.
Its worth finding good soil.


Very nice!

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One month old sour d auto in some off brand time release soil. 6 inches tall.

One month old sour d auto in Happy Frog. No comparison. This plant is 10 times the first one. 24" tall.


The Happy Frog does look better, but the first looks good also.

That would be the Happy Frog fertilizer, not the soil, Happy Frog potting soil has barely any nutes in it, much less than Ocean Forest.


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My bad… Thanks.

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From “The Search of The Holy Grail”…
"run away, RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY
Listen to the voices of experience…buy pot potting media, run away from MG.


You will get an abnormally high tds reading, you would also get a really high reading from fresh FF soils. Unfortumately, tds pens are pretty much useless for supersoils or MG soil. They work fine for inert media like coco, peat or hydro.