Why do you wait untill the buds are dry?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Why do you wait untill the buds are dry. It seems to me that the resin is on the buds when the Plant is green. when it is dry the buds are not as sticky.

Several reasons. 1, it doesn’t burn well. 2, the plant chemicals need to break down and off gas to settle harshness. 3, in my experience the effects of smoke are actually better when dried and cured properly.


The main reason we dry and cure is to get rid of the chloroform and other gases given off during the drying process which are harmful as @dbrn32 mentioned
Second is that taste and potency is much better once cured and reaches max potential after curing
Heres a few links for you that should help you understand


It is worth noting that too much moisture may limit the temperatures reached (latent heat) which may actually inhibit the chemical reactions that produce the psycho active response.

I don’t know at what moisture percentage that this effect might occur.


Good point, I’m not really sure about the science either. Have always just kept in cool dark place trying to control humidity. Right, wrong, or indifferent, it works.

As being proven by Boveda; Humidity above 62% is too high, and below 58% (my opinion through usage). I really like how the flower turns out using 58% Boveda dual humidity packs.


Also if you don’t dry, then your thc is non psychoactive. While wet, thc is non psychoactive. When it dries it moves down the pH scale from neutral to slightly acidic, when it does this it becomes psychoactive…

This is why your weed is stronger after it’s dried and cured.