Why do they try so hard


Just got email from ILGM on removing kid friendly labels. yes naming after kids stuff can be bad. They try so hard babying pot. Here in florida they want thc out of it so bad. They devote too much time on pot and don’t want you to get high, hang on they just came out with new pills that get you really high and hooked. I’m so tired of rx running the world.

My rant
Enjoy your day

Why don’t they remove the high from opiates? See they don’t and only pot they will. Just wrong


They did remove the high from opiates, Hitler had it developed to power up his ‘supermen’, and they still use it today, it’s called methadone

Regarding the weed these days I’m already on record saying I don’t feel it’s the same as what we had in even the recent past, it doesn’t seem to have that same stony effect and I’ve been smoking weed for fifty years and I grew it for over 10 of those 50, so I’ve sampled quite a bit from then to now …just my opinion


They’re making laws over weed NAMES! What a waste of time. And yet we can’t get food to have proper labels? Absolutely ridiculous. Such ignorance.

I promise you, my autistic brother would know the difference between Girl Scout cookies, and Girl Scout cookies CANNABIS! I’m pretty sure every kid could tell the difference. One is an actual cookie. The other is a damn plant.


That’s our government hard at work spending our tax dollars for our own good on more stupid s#$t .


Very true. It was amazing what hitler did with the troops once he invented the methadone. That gave him control.
But yes its sad how the green grass of paridise is named as an illegal drug. I personally dont drink alcohole. And thats because after one drink im flying like a drug addict wanting to fggight and what not. I gave up grog 10 yrs ago and havent had a fight scince. Put my puff of green joy keeps me mellow as. Yes some people can handle grog but its gotta be worse.


@Oldstoner, you took the words right out of my mouth.



You say spending our tax dollars ? Wow they give two ducks about what we are taxed on , especially after Jacquilyn Kennedy got away with murder in plain site as a Manchurin Canadate , it’s all power and the afreemasons wanted that kind of upfront exposed to execute they motive , so they pushed on with the Bohiemian Groove , they built the Georgia a Guide Stones , and they are trying to corner the globe with the Central Banking System in Lybia now , Assyria one of the founding growing economies in existence , 500 billion in such a small country , now a arak has mended and made openings for Cuba cause of the colunmist regimen and Fidel Castrol Son , now if they can infiltrate Korea which they cannot cause of radicalism of indepedance and superiority , it's a nuclear war on the horizon between Russia and arame Rica two siding allies that will construct off each others agenda of power and it's not all caviar fish eggs or black gold , it's a New World a Government and who would have power of such , a disaster to all man kind who don't have enough money to escape , okay Yoshi what the !@# are talking about , the shit that’s not broadcasted on CNN but informed by my C.I.A buddies who missing legs and arms that goes to the same pain management clinics I go to and telling me to buy gold currency and a passport to get to Equador , hope you guys figure out as well .


I don’t know Yoshi, I watched that video over & over with eyes to see, did Jackie shoot him? … I still don’t know?

she did stuff something behind the seat and it’s possible she took a chrome revolver out of his pocket, it looks like it ?

To me looks like a shot came from the front right side like they speculate from the grassy knoll but I don’t know …but that’s pretty that’s pretty compelling video!

I wanted to mention the Skull and Bones, which they all belong to, both Democrats and Republican Elite, with the exception of Donald Trump who I believe is the Last Hope for this country’s continued existence but that’s just my personal opinion

Anyway the 40’ OWL DEMON that our ruling illuminated masters, including many world leaders including our Democratic and Republican Elite with the exception of Donald Trump worship in their compound some of us understand that entity is aka the MOTHMAN

Check out the Pleasant Point Pleasant Bridge disaster in West Virginia if you want to know more about that fowl bird worshipped by Democratic, Republican and higher gods that some call the Illuminati worship at the Skull and Bones compound

@Yoshi I switch to 11 hours and now I’m going to 10 next weekend just to finish up also I’m curious what it’s going to do I view straight 10 before to hurry things up but I’ve never used it in the way you describe so I’m anxious to see the results, I grow Perpetual so I didn’t have the option to try it before


The extended longer dark period help bui,DS more resin trichomes cause intense lights feminished or decrease resin and the extended dark period also helps the plant to finish faster .


Why exactly do y’all do the 48 hour blackout just before harvest?


I don’t. I just cut. I have too many plants at different stages so I don’t turn off


It tricks the plant into thinking she’s going to die, and she’ll pack on resin and trichomes during the dark period trying to survive. That’s what I come to learn about it. I do 36-48 hours of darkness before harvest, and I can honestly say that they seem more resinous after the dark period, then if I just cut them without any dark period beforehand.


i do the same thing. 36 hours of darkness works wonderfull… i havent tried 48 hours yet. but this harvest i am…