Why do these plants want to keep stretching?

These are ILGM Cheese Autoflowers, day 57, 57, and 50 (front right). Height is about 2.5 - 3 feet.

Why do they continue to stretch no matter how close I bring the light (Spiderfarm SF-4000)? Is this a characteristic of the Cheese strain? I used some HST on the left plant to bring its height down but the plants all seem too old for that now.

There are 2 other SF-4000 lights in the same 10x10 tent, so there is even more light coming in.

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This is my setup. The plants in question are in Tent #3.


  • Region: Southern California
  • Indoors: Garage 20’ x 30’ with three grow tents
  • Lighting Schedule: 18/6
  • Soil: Fox Farms Ocean Forest, Recipe 420
  • Nutrients: CalMag, Fox Farm Trio (Grow Big, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom). Nutrients given once per week at 1/4 strength (custom autoflower feeding schedule, not Fox Farms photoperiod schedule), watered with RO+CalMag in between nutes. Blackstrap molasses is fed once a week, 1 tsp per gallon.
  • Water: Reverse Osmosis filtration. RO water is collected for use in a 30 gallon basin that is continuously agitated with a fountain pump. Plants are watered until there is runoff.
  • Tent Temp: Summer 80F - 100F. Non-Summer 70-80F.
  • RH: 50 - 55%
  • PH: 6.0 - 7.0
  • Pot Site: 5 gallon buckets (#2 plastic) with drain holes drilled.
  • Drainage: Water is collected via a wet vacuum after each watering, unless it is shallow enough to allow evaporation.
  • Ventilation: All tents draw air from the garage. Tents 1 and 3 exhaust to a ducting system that vents through a port to the outside of the garage. Tent 2 exhausts passively into Tent 1. There is a separate intake port for fresh air into the garage from outside.

Tent 1 (Propagation Tent)

  • Tent: Ohuhu 5’ x 5’ x 80"
  • Light: Mars Hydro TSW 2000
  • Ventilation: Active Air 6" 400 CFM fan with carbon filter
  • Electrical draw: 454 watts, 3.8 amps

Tent 2 (Drying Tent)

  • Tent: TopoGrow 2’ x 4’ x 72"
  • Ventilation: Light baffle connecting to tent 1 via a 6" duct. Tent 1 draws air from tent 2.

Tent 3 (Grow Tent)

  • Tent: TopoLite 10’ x 10’ x 80"
  • Lights: 3 Spider Farmer SF-4000
  • Ventilation: Vivosun 6" 440 CFM fan with carbon filter
  • Electrical draw: 1470 watts, 13.2 amps

Looks about right. ILGM cheese is typically around 40-60” tall. Looks like it should be finishing up its flowering stretch so shouldn’t get much taller than where you are now.


Nice plants ! stretch should be about over. If you like on your next grow you can always fim your autos one time at about 4 or 5 full sets of leafs to slow down upward growth, side branches will catch up and make a nice even canopy.


I had the same happen. Ilgm cheese autoflower. The leaf damage ended up being wind burn. This was in late 2018.