Why do my plants look this way

A question from a fellow grower:

why my plants looking that way so I know what in particular to target … I’m growing outdoors and there’s a hamattan right now in Nigeria so everywhere’s pretty dry …

Everything is Normal (OK) just have some fun growing !!! Do you use a root stimulator?

Okay and it’s a month old now that’s why I’m pretty worried thanks for the reply @steve2 I’m starting them with some tomatoes nutrients and I’m not exposed to much variates of fertilizers …

Your soil looks really compacted, which means your roots would grow slowly. Meaning your plant would in return grow slowly. Got any perlite or vermiculite you could add to the soil for better aeration? Are you using actual dirt from outdoors?

Is that local soil you are using? It does look dry and compacted.
How is the local vegetation doing? Without proper soil amendments, like ktreez420 recommended, you might never get a great harvest. Research a variety that does better for your area of the world.
Tomato nutrients are ok, better than nothing.
Good luck on this and future grows.

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Yeah I know right as the local gardening outlets call that top soil …lol I’m limited to a lot yet with so much willingness to grow … sprouted 8 girls and I’ve got only 3 striving …